For my birthday last year, my boyfriend gave me my very own lightsaber. I was like a giddy little kid when he gave it to me. He programmed it with the brightest colors he could configure, and put a bunch of awesome sound fonts on it so I could switch between different saber sounds. He put a lot of thought into what I’d like (and he nailed it) and it was the sweetest gesture…and now I have the most amazing lightsaber!

Mine is the Hero tier Fury saber from Saber Forge. What that means is that I can switch between nine different blade colors (which I can configure) and five different sound fonts (which I can also configure) and adjust what colors appear when the blast and clash functions are used. I can also edit how sensitive my saber is to different motions. Basically, I can make this lightsaber do whatever I want, and it’s awesome.

The plus side to being able to configure it is that if I want to use it for different characters, I can change the blade/clash/blast colors however I want, so it’s really versatile. For my Kaiya Liin costume (my original Jedi character), I wanted the blade color to be orange, and the clash and blast colors to be pink. I was able to do that (as you can see in the above photo), but with just a twist of my wrist, I can change to a completely different color set.

I also bought an orange day blade which looks really cool when the saber is off, but looks even cooler when it’s on. The pink clash and blast colors look really awesome through the orange blade.

Basically, I can’t rave enough about this lightsaber, and I highly recommend Saber Forge if you ever want a really fantastic quality saber that looks amazing.

I’m really excited to debut my Jedi costume on Friday at MarsCon!


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