Catwoman – DC Comics


Catwoman is my all-time favorite DC Comics character. For many, many years I wanted to put together a Catwoman cosplay, but I kept putting it off. To be honest, I always felt too fat. Obviously her costume doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and when you’re overweight, it tends to accentuate every single flaw.

For Halloween 2013, I decided to go forward with it. I didn’t care if I looked like a potato shoved into a black spandex sausage casing.

Catsuit: I didn’t want to go with a rubbery latex or vinyl catsuit since that fabric is not breathable at all. I went with a “wet look” catsuit that is stretchy, but totally breathable. This is basically the one I bought, and it came with a headpiece. When it arrived, I tried it on and realized it would need a lot of alterations. The zipper was along the back, and Catwoman’s zipper is in the front, so I ripped out the front seam and put in a new zipper in the front and sewed up the back. I had to alter the shoulders a bit, since I have pretty small shoulders and the suit fit oddly there. The headpiece required a lot of alterations since I have a small head, and the headpiece just didn’t fit well at all. Thankfully, it was all pretty easy to alter.


Goggles: I bought these goggles, which technically I should have painted silver, but I kind of like the black better.

Gloves: I bought a pair of black vinyl opera gloves (which, years later, need to be replaced because the vinyl is rubbing off of them) so I don’t recommend the ones I actually bought initially. Oddly enough, those are the warmest part of my costume.

Boots: Initially, I wore a pair of boots from my everyday wardrobe, but then I ended up purchasing a pair of Pleaser Disorder 303 boots.

Belt: I wore a black belt from my wardrobe the first time I wore the costume, but I recently bought a different one that’s plain black leather with a square buckle. I picked it up at Target, but I don’t think they sell that same style anymore.

Whip: The whip is an actual leather bull whip that I bought off of eBay. It’s really nice, and someday I’ll actually learn how to use it. In the meantime, it’s just a prop. For the first time I wore the costume, I used a cheap prop whip from a costume store.

I’m mostly happy with this cosplay, but I do want to redo the headpiece. It’s not quite how I’d like it to look, so I’ll work on improving that aspect before wearing this one again.


Version 1.


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