Catwoman – DC Comics (Volume 3 Version)


Photo Credit: DLG Images

Catwoman is my all-time favorite DC Comics character. For many, many years I wanted to put together a Catwoman cosplay, but I kept putting it off. To be honest, I always felt too fat. Obviously her costume doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and when you’re overweight, it tends to accentuate every single flaw.

For Halloween 2013, I decided to go forward with it. I didn’t care if I looked like a potato shoved into a black spandex sausage casing.

I’ve made a lot of improvements to this costume over the years, and I think it may be at a place where I’m really happy with it.

Catsuit: I bought a Leg Avenue catsuit, and luckily it didn’t need any alterations.

Cowl: I made my cowl with faux leather stretch fabric, and the cowl closes with a buckle.

Goggles: I bought these goggles from eBay.

Gloves: I bought a pair of black wet look gloves and did some alterations to them since they were a bit big in the fingers. I also added claws! (My post about how I made my gloves can be found here.)

Boots: These super comfy boots from JCPenney.

Belt: I bought one that’s plain black leather with a square buckle. I picked it up at Target, but I don’t think they sell that same style anymore.

Whip: I bought an actual leather bull whip that I bought off of eBay. It’s really nice, and someday I’ll actually learn how to use it. In the meantime, it’s just a prop.

Money Bag: The biggest downside to wearing this costume is there is nowhere to store my phone, cash, or anything else. I made a money bag to stash my stuff, and it just looks like I made off with some cash from Gotham City Bank! (My post about how I made my money bag can be found here.)


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