MarsCon 2017

This past weekend was MarsCon, and it was my first year attending. I had a great time, and will definitely attend next year! The exciting part for me was being able to debut my Kaiya Liin costume and wear my Rebel, Rebel Princess costume again. I also ran a panel for the first time with a few other Minnesota Force members. I think it went well!


I had every intention of taking photos of my Kaiya Liin costume when I first arrived to MarsCon, but I got distracted and so I didn’t think to do it until right before we left on Friday night. Whoops. By then I think my makeup was a little sad (I know my lipstick was a hot mess) so unfortunately these are the only ones I managed to take. The above photo is with my robe on, and so you can’t really see the rest of my costume.


I call this one, “The Unflattering Pose.”


This one is a little better, but I have no idea what my right arm is supposed to be doing. I’m obviously still learning the best poses to do for photos.

On Saturday, I dressed in my Rebel, Rebel Princess costume. Dane and I found the science room and took photos in front of the moon. (“That’s no moon!”)


I had a few people ask for photos and they were so excited about my costume! It warmed my heart. This one was taken by Kiki Canon.

Our panel, “Star Wars Costumes: Beginner to Advanced” was at 4:00 PM. We had a pretty packed room, which was awesome. My fellow panelists were Philip Glover (dressed as an X-Wing pilot), Todd Murray (dressed as Kylo Ren), and Amanda Fineran (dressed as a Jedi).


We look somber here, but I swear we were having a good time.


I didn’t take any photos on Sunday (I was dressed as Poe Dameron) mainly because I wasn’t there very long, and I’ve already got quite a few photos of that cosplay.

All in all it was a good weekend and I got to spend time with wonderful people!


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