Ian’s Make-A-Wish Sendoff Party


Photo by Leonard Patraw. From left to right: Jennifer Schubert, Ian, Alex Hall, Philip Glover, Kris Heding, and Diana Patraw. R2-D2’s keeper is Robert Schubert.

On March 7th, the Minnesota Force was asked to attend a sendoff party for Ian, a boy who had his Make-A-Wish wish granted: to attend Jedi training at Disney World. These are the types of events that really give me a reason to do what I do. It doesn’t matter how good your costume is or how accurate it is – kids don’t care. To see their faces light up when they see us in costume is worth everything!

Ian was so sweet, and I know he’s going to have a wonderful time! He’ll probably have better Jedi moves than I do when he gets back home.

One of my favorite parts of the event was having a dance party with R2-D2. There was a little girl there who kept dancing with Artoo, and it was so cute.

The family was so grateful to have us there, but I think I was more grateful they asked us to be there! It was just as much fun for us as it was for the kids, I think.


Photo by Alex Hall.


Star Wars shenanigans! Photo by Alex Hall. From left to right: Robert Schubert (and R2-D2), Philip Glover, and Kris Heding.


Ready to take on Stormtroopers! Photo by Alex Hall. Pictured: Kris Heding and Diana Patraw.


R2-D2! Beep-boop!


I am one with The Force and The Force is with me. Photo by Alex Hall.


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