Work In Progress: General Hux


I thought that my frantic completion of two costumes within a month would use up all of my costuming energy for the year, but I was wrong. I decided on my next cosplay: General Hux from the latest Star Wars trilogy. This will be my first Dark Side cosplay.

So, why General Hux? Well, he’s a ginger, and I’m an honorary ginger myself (thanks to a box of dye every 6-8 weeks). He has a seething hatred for Kylo Ren, and so do I (he’s a punk-ass bitch). He’s evil, but he seems to be incredibly organized and is obviously good at what he does or he wouldn’t be a general at such a young age (which isn’t at all like me except for being organized – I’m definitely not evil or a general). Also, I’m a huge fan of the unofficial canon theory that Hux has an orange cat named Millicent.


I’ve already asked my orange cat, Jack, if he would cosplay as Millicent, and he said “Meow,” so I think that means yes.


I’m not sewing my costume since I’m kind of burnt out, but I’ve started gathering everything I need for it. I ordered the General Hux costume from CosplaySky and while the greatcoat doesn’t appear to be screen accurate, the rest of the costume looks like it will be fine. I’m also fine with the greatcoat being “close enough” for character appearances and conventions. My guess is that I’ll have to make some modifications to the costume, but it’ll probably be less work than trying to sew it myself.


I ordered a First Order officer hat from theEmpiresNewClothes, since I wanted to have a really nice hat for my costume. It’ll arrive in a few weeks, and I’m excited!


I ordered these boots from Amazon, and the only unfortunate thing is that they’re only available in men’s sizes, and the smallest size was 8-9 (which ends up being 10-11 in women’s sizing). I usually wear a women’s 8.5 or 9, so I think I’ll have to wear some thick socks and good insoles so the boots don’t flop around on my feet too much. I just hope I don’t look like a clown when I wear them. They’re big, but hopefully not too noticeably large. In any case, I think they’ll work out for the costume pretty well.

I ordered these gloves and they arrived today, and I love them! The costume from CosplaySky has gloves, but I wanted a nicer quality pair, and preferably leather because they hold up a lot better. These did the trick, and they don’t have any embellishments or elastic or decorative stitching, so I think they’ll be perfect.


I have a metal and enamel First Order pin that came with a cheap First Order officer hat from Amazon (the hat is too big for my head and it isn’t very well made) that I’ll attach to the other hat I ordered when it arrives. I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice, but it’s totally worth it even if the hat itself isn’t very good.


When I was trying to take the above photo, Jack plopped down on the floor and started cleaning himself. Ugh, Jack, you need to be classier. Millicent wouldn’t stop to clean her butt in the middle of a photo.


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