Poe Dameron Shirt V2

Now that I’ve worn my Poe Dameron cosplay quite a few times, I figured it was time to start fine-tuning it. This is usually how I am with my costumes and cosplays – I make a “good enough” version to get going, and then find ways to improve it.

One of the things I decided to upgrade is the shirt. My current shirt is an off-white linen mandarin-collar shirt that buttons down all the way. It’s definitely close enough, but not quite right.


The version Poe wears in the film is based off of a Kurta, and there are no buttons on the neck or collar, and no buttons on the sleeves (as far as I can tell). The shirt is also kind of a taupe/olive color.

I found this shirt on Amazon and thought it could definitely work. For around $20, it was worth a shot. This is what it looked like before:


It’s also off-white, and it has buttons, but the buttons and button loops were easily removed with a seam-ripper, leaving a nice Kurta-style shirt with no buttons anywhere!



Then, I decided to dye it with taupe Rit dye to get it to be a little closer to the right color.


It’s definitely darker (and the photos don’t really show it very well) but maybe not as olive as it should be. There were also areas of the shirt that didn’t get dyed (there was a wrinkle along the sleeve seams that the dye didn’t quite seep through) so I might give it another quick dip in some more dye…or, I might not worry about it since the jacket will cover the sleeves anyway.

This was my first time dyeing fabric, so I’m actually happy with how it turned out. I was expecting a huge mess and somehow screwing up everything, but I think I did alright.


5 thoughts on “Poe Dameron Shirt V2

  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the rec on the shirt! I have been delaying the hubby’s Poe costume precisely because of the shirt. I had been looking at that shirt and am glad to see the collar converts nicely! We’re aiming for a TLJ “grey” Poe and this one might work well for that too. Time is running out! 😛


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