Poe Dameron Shirt & Belt V2

Since I’m revisiting many parts of my Poe Dameron cosplay, I decided to re-do the belt as well. I bought a brown leather belt from Amazon and a plain, blank belt buckle from Tandy Leather. The belt had a raw edge, and the belt itself was a little more red than I wanted, so I used some brown leather dye to darken the edges and add some weathering to the rest of the belt. For the buckle, I coated it with a couple coats of matte black nail polish and then layered a few coats of silver and gunmetal grey metallic acrylic paint over that. I took a fine grit sandpaper over it to scrape off the majority of the silver color. I’m not sure how screen accurate it is, but it looks like all of the Resistance belts and Poe’s belt I’ve seen.

The left side is the plain silver buckle, and the right side is the finished version.


This is the photo I used as a reference for finishing the buckle. Kind of close? Maybe?

And here is the buckle on the belt itself! I think the belt is still a little too reddish for my liking, so I may do some additional work on it with more dye. We’ll see, I guess.

Remember my Poe Dameron shirt from this post? I dipped the shirt in a tea and coffee bath to see if I could change up the color a bit. I can notice a difference, but I don’t think the lighting in the photos captures it very well, unfortunately.

The left photo is the shirt before (with just the taupe Rit dye) and the right photo is after the shirt soaked in a tea and coffee bath for about an hour. The shirt doesn’t seem to have a peachy undertone anymore, which is good, and the tea/coffee bath fixed the issue where the dye hadn’t quite soaked through in some areas because the fabric was creased. So, I’m happy with how it looks and I think I can call this one good to go.


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