IMAX 20th Birthday Celebration


On Saturday, April 15th, the Minnesota Force (and the 501st Legion, Minnesota Superheroes United, and The Royal Sisterhood) made an appearance at the IMAX theatre at the Minnesota Zoo for their 20th birthday celebration. The day started off rainy, but it cleared up in time for us to take photos with kids outside before doors opened, and then mingled with the crowd in the lobby.

It was also the debut of my General Hux costume. It’s not quite finished (the belt hasn’t yet arrived, and I need to get the greatcoat tailored) but luckily my old Poe Dameron belt worked just fine for the time being. There’s a plus side to having a black/brown reversible belt, I guess!

It was super fun, since this is my first dark side costume. There was a guy wearing a hoodie with the rebel alliance symbol, and I yelled, “REBEL SCUM!” and he laughed and said, “Thanks!”

I also told a little girl she should come to the dark side because we have cookies, and the best chefs in the galaxy.

All in all, it was a good day.


Guarding the Guardians of the Galaxy! (Costumers: Lisa Duffy and Jason Brezina)


Getting cozy with Star-Lord.


Rey joins the GotG! (Costumer: Lindsey)


Legacy Stormtroopers? Just as good, but less traitors. (Costumers: Lisa Duffy, Kris Heding, Jason Brezina)


General Hux woos Giselle. (Photo by Laura Gough. Costumers: Kris Heding, Laura Gough)


Entire group! (Photo by Alex Hall)


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