Children’s Hospital Star Studio

The Minnesota Force is part of a charity group called Costumers for a Cause. It’s a group of costumers who make appearances at charities and events. One of the charities we work with is the Children’s Hospital. The hospital has its own television station (Star Studio) that airs programming for the kids, and one of the segments is “Kids Clubhouse,” which is hosted by “The Dude.” Guests will play games and interact with the kids who call in or sit in the studio. The Minnesota Force will do a few of these appearances a year and it’s limited to four people each time, so I was really happy I was able to finally make one of the appearances on July 27, 2017. Here is the entire segment:

I uploaded a clip of one of the parts of the segment I’m in:

Star Studio "Kids Clubhouse"

Here was our little group:


Costumers, from left to right: Jeffery Knotz, Kris Heding, Anj Olson, and August O’Meara.

It was so much fun! I hope the kids who watched our segment had fun, too.


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