Apple Pick’n Days


Costumers: Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Aaron Weiss, Anna Sawyer (and the Wee Bug), Todd Murray, Pari Bailey, Amanda Fineran, and Alex Hall.

Apple Pick’n Days is a two-day event held at Deardorff Orchards to raise money for Children’s Hospital, and we made an appearance on the first day (August 26th – which was also my birthday). It was kind of cold and rainy, but there was still a pretty good turnout.


And we got cheese sticks for a snack! Costumers: Todd Murray, Alex Hall, Aaron Weiss, Kris Heding, Pari Bailey, Amanda Fineran, and Phil Glover.



Star Wars Night @ The St. Paul Saints


Star Wars Night was originally scheduled for May, but the game got rained out (and it was unseasonably cold) so the game was rescheduled for August 6th. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the rescheduled game!

It was my first time at CHS Field and my first Saints game, so that was fun! We posed for lots of photos, chatted with fans, and had a wonderful time.


We found a Poe and BB-8! Costumers: Todd Murray, Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, and Pari Bailey.


Costumers: Porky Shears, Kris Heding, Todd Murray, Phil Glover, and Ben Marolt.


Costumers: Coley Lind, Alex Hall, Kelly Knowles, Pari Bailey, James Douthitt, Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Nick Hickman, Amanda Fineran, Katherine Hickman, and Todd Murray.



Kylo uses the Force. Hux approves. Costumers: Kris Heding and Porky Shears.