Minnesota Force Costumed Bowling 2018

Our group was chatting about how funny it would be to just show up to a bowling alley in costume, and we decided to make it A Thing and planned the first annual Minnesota Force Costumed Bowling event. We invaded Elsie’s in Minneapolis, MN (and warned them ahead of time). I decided to make a ridiculous trophy made from a pair of General Hux’s sideburns:


That photo was taken outside of the shadowbox because there was too much of a reflection when I tried to take it inside of the shadowbox. In any case, it’s ridiculous.

A few of us showed up in costume, but some decided against it. We had a really great time, though, and will definitely do this again next year!


Getting ready for some crazy bowling! Photo by David Glasgow. Costumers: Anna Sawyer, Kris Heding, Mark Fisher, Madeline Anderson, Jordan West, and Sara Rae.


We’re a bunch of dorks and I love it. Photo by Anna Sawyer.


Gonk goes bowling. Photo by David Glasgow. Costumer: Phil Glover.

Video proof that Gonk can bowl.


Join the First Order Bowling League! Photo by David Glasgow. Costumers: Kris Heding and Sara Rae.

Stormtroopers can bowl, too. (Costumer: Mark Fisher.)


Presenting the trophy to Phil! Photo by David Glasgow.


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