Star Wars Day @ Science Museum of MN

Each year, the Science Museum of Minnesota holds a Star Wars Day, and it’s always a huge hit with families! The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion make appearances, and since I’m not yet a member of the 501st Legion, I volunteered as a handler. Specifically, I was a handler for Chewbacca, my fellow costumer Paul’s newest costume. It was definitely a learning experience for both of us, but it was really fun! I have never seen kids get so excited over a costume. It was like walking around with a celebrity.

If I get 501st approval this year, then next year I get to be part of the troop for this event!


Entire group, including non-costumed volunteers.


501st Legion and Rebel Legion.


501st Legion.


Rebel Legion.


I’m usually the Hux to his Kylo, but on Star Wars Day I was keeping Paul from accidentally trampling little ones and getting knocked over by over-excited people.


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