Wedding Reception


Costumers: Jeff Allen, Madeline Anderson, Diana Patraw, Tatiana Allen, Leonard Patraw, Erich Schwab, James Douthitt, Jeffery Knotz, Jordan West, Doug Smith, Jeremy Horn, Mike Giralico, Kris Heding, Matthew Bastyr, and Amber Rae.

On March 31st, we were invited to attend a wedding reception. We don’t get asked to do this very often, and it was my first time attending a wedding reception in costume. The bride wanted to surprise her husband, so we had to be super sneaky when we arrived.

During the wedding party’s first dance, the Dark Side stormed in to the Imperial March and Darth Vader “confronted” the groom. The look of utter surprise on his face was priceless! Then, the Light Side came in, and Leia told Vader to leave the couple alone – they just got married!

The couple were so incredibly kind and they were really fun to work with. We had a blast at the reception! A few characters busted a move on the dance floor, and a few joined the newlyweds in some photos.

The Darth Vader ice sculpture was definitely awesome.

Costumers: Doug Smith and Kris Heding.

Photobooth props are fun! Costumers: Mike Giralico and Kris Heding. Photo on the right was taken by Tatiana Allen.

General Hux doesn’t know what to do when it comes to dancing. Costumers: Kris Heding and Jordan West. Photo on the left was taken by Tatiana Allen, photo on the right was taken by Madeline Anderson.


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