General Hux – Star Wars: The Force Awakens/The Last Jedi


My first version of my costume was from CosplaySky, and I had to do a lot of tailoring to the tunic. The trousers were fine. The belt was not good at all. I later upgraded my costume (details below) and was accepted into the 501st Legion with this version of the costume.

Tunic: I commissioned the tunic from Vanya Yount.

Trousers: I commissioned the trousers from Vanya Yount.

Greatcoat: I’m using the greatcoat that was part of the set I bought from CosplaySky until I can commission a nicer one.

Belt: I commissioned a belt from Vanya Yount.

Hat: I commissioned a hat from Katie Keith. I purchased a First Order pin from Short Supply.

Boots: The boots I was approved with were a pair of Lauren Ralph Lauren Stara boots, and I took the tabs off of the shaft of the boots. But, I later upgraded my boots to a pair from CrowProps.

Gloves: I bought a pair of women’s black leather gloves from Kohl’s, but they unfortunately no longer sell them.

Blaster: I painted a 3D printed version of Hux’s blaster. (Photos can be seen here.)

Holster: I commissioned a Hux blaster holster from Mad Props Cosplay.

Sideburns: I use my reusable sideburns method. I replace my sideburns whenever they start to look a little shabby.


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