General Hux’s Blaster (3D Printed)

As I do with practically all of my costumes, I go through each part and upgrade it when I can. General Hux’s blaster was no exception!

A friend printed off a First Order SE-44C blaster pistol for me that is much more accurate than the Nerf repaint I was using – both in size, and in details. This is how it looked after it was printed and assembled:


I received this back in January 2018, but I couldn’t really work on finishing it until the temperatures warmed up (downside to living in Minnesota, I guess). I did do a little filling with Bondo, but not much because I couldn’t really open the windows to ventilate the room, so I used some modeling paste medium to fill in the larger seams. When we had some warmer temperatures in February (35 degrees!) I took the blaster outside and applied several coats of Rustoleum Filler Primer. I then used more modeling paste medium on any parts that still needed to be filled in. Then, I sanded everything and got it all ready for painting. Here’s what it looked like all primed and prepped:


I used Liquitex Basics acrylic paint in Mars Black to paint the entire blaster. It took two coats. Then, I used my trusty DecoArt Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint in Shimmering Silver to paint the silver area. After that, I sealed the matte finish areas with matte Mod Podge and sealed the glossy areas with glossy Mod Podge. For the screws/bolts details, I used various sizes of scrapbooking/paper crafting brads and glued them on with super glue and E-6000.

Here it is all finished!

I think I’m going to do a little bit of touch-up work to it to try and get a smoother finish, but for now it’s at least decent.


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