Twi’lek Head Wrap

I ventured into new costume territory by putting together a Star Wars Twi’lek costume! One of the pieces I made was a head wrap. The wrap has multiple purposes: it hides the edge of the lekku, it holds the ear cones, and also helps secure the lekku to the head.

I started out by sketching out several designs on scrap paper, and then made a rough pattern from that. Then, I cut out a piece of scrap fabric from my pattern to see how well it would fit, and made adjustments until I had everything pretty close to how I wanted it.

I used two types of fabric for the wrap: the outside was made using black heavyweight faux leather, and the inside was made with a similar faux leather, but a bit more lightweight. I don’t know the exact fabric I used since I ended up buying it on clearance at Joann Fabrics.

I cut out the pattern from both fabrics, and then placed them right sides together and sewed along the top and bottom seams (leaving the ends open). I turned the wrap inside-out and sewed over the edges of the fabric along the top and bottom edges. From there, I figured out where I wanted the ear cones to stick through and cut out circles from just the front side of the wrap. I hand-sewed 2mm stainless steel ball chain around the edge of the openings to give the wrap a little flair, and then slid the ear cones inside the wrap and poked them through the openings. I used a little bit of duct tape to hold them in place. Once everything was secured, I sewed up the ends and sewed on black Velcro.

The nice thing about making a head wrap for an original character is that I had a lot of leeway as to what I could do design-wise. I opted for keeping it pretty simple (minus the ball chain detail) because I paired the head wrap with goggles, so there wasn’t much room for me to go crazy with embellishments or anything.



Head wrap in action!



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