Superhero Night – St. Paul Saints

On July 28, I joined Minnesota Superheroes United for Superhero Night at the St. Paul Saints at CHS Field. We had a great time, even though it was a small group.


Costumers: Todd Murray, Madeline Anderson, Sara Rae, Kris Heding, and Paul Haga. Photo Credit: Hamline University.


Costumers: Madeline Anderson, Kris Heding, Sara Rae, Paul Haga, and Todd Murray.


Sunny Selfie! Costumers: Paul Haga, Sara Rae, Kris Heding, Todd Murray, and Madeline Anderson.


Children’s Hospital – Kid’s Clubhouse


With The Dude! Costumers: Kris Heding, Henry Fisher, Mark Fisher, and Erich Schwab.

On July 26, I went to Children’s Hospital to appear on Kid’s Clubhouse and, as usual, had a blast! I love doing these events. Below is the video of our appearance:

Star Wars Wedding


Photo provided by Phoenix Win.

On July 21st, we were asked to appear at a Star Wars-themed wedding…and even got to walk down the aisle and stand in the background during the ceremony. If this is the only time I walk down the aisle, at least I got to do it dressed as Admiral Ackbar.


The Rebellion! Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.


I love that it looks like Ackbar and the Stormtrooper are having a heated discussion. Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.


Fancy Admiral chair. Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.


Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.

Rondo Days Parade


Photo Credit: Jonathan Palmer.

On July 21st, I participated in my first event as part of Minnesota Superheroes United: the Rondo Days Parade! We marched as part of Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, who I’ve worked with in the past several times for different events.


With HQB volunteers! Photo Credit: Jonathan Palmer.

The parade was so much fun! There was so much energy and love from the crowd. The kids were especially excited, and I got a lot of hugs.


Getting ready to march! Photo Credit: Jonathan Palmer.


Marching! Photo Credit: Jonathan Palmer.

Admiral Ackbar – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Admiral Ackbar & Resistance Pilot! (Costumers: Amanda Fineran and Kris Heding)

Admiral Ackbar is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars characters, and I always wanted to figure out a way to make a costume, but I figured it was impossible, so I just didn’t bother pursuing it. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wondered if there was someone out there who actually made Admiral Ackbar masks and hands, and when I realized there was…I decided to go for it.

Mask & Hands: The extremely talented artist that made this costume possible is Chris Stephens. He does incredibly amazing work, and I can’t recommend him enough. If you’re looking for beautifully made masks for practically any Star Wars alien species (and some other creatures from other fandoms), please check out his page. Inside the mask, I installed two helmet fans from Henry’s Helmet Fans to help with the airflow.

Tunic: I bought some natural linen-like fabric and used my Poe Dameron shirt as a pattern base, but then I heavily altered it because Ackbar’s neck and arm circumferences are wacky. So, really, I just kind of winged it. The shirt has Velcro on the back since Ackbar’s head is massive and wouldn’t really fit through the neck hole.

Vest: I used some mustard yellow duck cloth/canvas-like fabric and some linen-like mustard yellow fabric as a lining, and completely made up the pattern on my own. With as few reference photos as I could find, my Admiral Ackbar action figure sure came in handy.

Belt: For now, I’m using the same belt I use for my Poe Dameron costume.

Pants: For now, I’m using the same pants I wear for my Poe Dameron costume, but I plan on making new pants soon.

Boots: I bought a pair of brown Teva ‘Capistrano’ boots off of eBay since they’re no longer being manufactured.

Rank Badge: I bought an Admiral rank badge from Interstait.