Catwoman Costume Upgrades

I put together my Catwoman costume several years ago, and after wearing it the last time two years ago, I knew I had to make a lot of improvements to it before I could wear it again. So, I finally did!

I bought a brand new bodysuit because my old one still didn’t quite fit right (even after tailoring it a lot) and the finish was starting to wear off. I ended up buying a Leg Avenue bodysuit, and it fit perfectly right out of the package! I’m glad I didn’t have to do any tailoring this time.


Old cowl.

My cowl was probably the part that needed an upgrade the most. It came with my original bodysuit, and I had to make a ton of adjustments to it because my head is tiny and the cowl was huge. One thing I never liked about it was the ears. They just kind of flopped everywhere, and it looked stupid.

Using the old one as a rough pattern, I made a new cowl using some pleather-like fabric I had leftover from my Scarlet Witch gauntlets. I made the ears using two layers of the fabric with a layer of upholstery pleather in the middle since it had some body to it. I think it looks a lot better. Ears aren’t quite perfect, but they look less floppy than before.

Like my old bodysuit, my old gloves were losing their shiny coating and looked pretty sad. I bought a new pair of gloves and a package of acrylic stiletto nails to make the claws. I had to take in the fingers of the gloves a little because they were a tad too long and a little too loose around my fingers. Then, I filed down the tips of the nails a little to get rid of the rough bits, and painted two coats of shiny black nail polish onto each nail (and some extras, in case the nails fell off). After the nail polish dried, I painted them with a coat of clear top coat. Then, I glued on the nails to the gloves using Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic Flexible Adhesive. I think they look pretty cool!


One of the biggest challenges I have with most of my costumes is the fact that I don’t have pockets to carry my stuff in. With Catwoman, there is no room for pockets (unless I want to add them and look lumpy) and I was stumped as to how I could carry my essentials with me without it being a big purse or something out-of-character. Then, I had an idea as I was falling asleep one night: MONEY BAGS. I ordered some muslin bags and some DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint in Lamp Black. I made a dollar sign stencil with card stock, traced it onto the bags, and then painted them with the fabric paint. Now, I can carry my stuff with me and it’ll just look like Catwoman scored big from Gotham City Bank! I made a few so one of my friends who is dressing up as Harley Quinn can have a way to carry her stuff, too.


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