Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival

Minnesota Superheroes United were asked to appear at the IMAX Theater at the Minnesota Zoo for the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival. I think due to a lot of factors (Labor Day weekend, Renaissance Festival, Minnesota State Fair, Dragon*Con), we just didn’t have volunteers available, so it was just me and Paul standing awkwardly in the IMAX lobby dressed as Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier. So…we didn’t get any photos of us actually at the event. Whoops.

We did arrive early, though, to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier (because IMAX + 3D = UHHHHMAZING) and that was super fun. After the event, we both took photos of our respective costumes to submit to the MNSU to get “formal” approval – and we both got approved! So, nothing can stop Bucky and Wanda from getting into shenanigans, now.


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