HopeKids Family Day


Members of the 501st Legion/Rebel Legion/Minnesota Force, Minnesota Superheroes United, and Minnesota Mystery Machine. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

On September 9th, I attended HopeKids Family Day along with Minnesota Superheroes United! This is one of my favorite events to do. The kids have such a fun time (and so do we!)


This is Doug, my new boa constrictor friend. He was so awesome! Photo Credit: Snake Discovery LLC.


“You have a metal arm? That’s awesome, dude!” Costumers: Paul Haga and James Konicki.


The Smoky Eye Brigade. Costumers: Elizabeth Luna, Paul Haga, and Kris Heding.


Costumers: James Konicki, Joshua Pinson, John Whitt, Todd Murray, Paul Haga, Elizabeth Luna, Kris Heding, and Jonathan Palmer. Photo Credit: John Whitt.


Costumers: Todd Murray, Paul Haga, Joshua Pinson, Jonathan Palmer, James Konicki, Kris Heding, John Whitt, and Elizabeth Luna. Photo Credit: Joshua Pinson.


Chillin’ like villains. Or heroes. Or…kind-of-morally-grey. Whatever. Costumers: Todd Murray, Jonathan Palmer, Joshua Pinson, Kris Heding, Elizabeth Luna, John Whitt, James Konicki, and Paul Haga. Photo Credit: John Whitt.



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