Black Canary – DC Comics (Volume 4 Version)


Photo Credit: Pense Productions.

Black Canary is just such a badass character, and I’ve always been a fan of the variations of her costumes over the years (mostly because it doesn’t look much different than stuff I would wear). The version from the Volume 4 comics is my favorite, though, because it’s really rock ‘n’ roll and she looks amazing. My costume isn’t based on any one look and is based on different elements from her various outfits throughout the series.

Jacket: I bought an inexpensive black faux leather jacket off of Amazon, and decorated it with two types of studs (10mm square and 10mm round).

Corset: I bought this black faux leather corset from Amazon and only had to take it in a little in a couple places, thankfully.

Shorts: I bought black leather-look dance briefs from Amazon.

Fishnets: I had some larger hole fishnets in my closet already, so I just cut big holes into them using scissors. I know Hot Topic will sell this style from time to time.

Fingerless Gloves: I bought these fingerless gloves from Amazon.

Choker: I bought this set of two chokers from Amazon, but I only use the O-ring choker.

Boots: The boots I bought for the costume didn’t arrive in time when I had this photo taken (so I wore different ones), but these are the boots I bought.

Wig: It’s the “Hestia” wig in Platinum Blonde from Epic Cosplay Wigs. I straightened it and trimmed off several inches, and then kind of curled the ends under a little.

Makeup: It’s mostly my usual makeup, except the eyeshadow is the blue and purple eyeshadow from the Huda Beauty “Obsessions: Electric” palette, and my lipstick (not worn in this particular photo, but I wear it with the costume now) is Too Faced Costmetics’ Throwback lipstick in “Pixie Stick.


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