Anoka Halloween Parade

Photo by Alex Hall.

On October 27th we marched in the Anoka Halloween Parade! It was cool out, but actually perfect weather for our costumes (which are usually overly warm). We had a really terrific turnout, and we won third place as best non-royalty float!

I went as Admiral Ackbar, and had plans to walk in the parade, but I ended up riding in the firetruck. I’m glad I didn’t walk, because I don’t get very much air into the mask and I think I would have eventually passed out. I’m still getting used to what my limits are in that costume – I’m so used to having my face exposed that wearing a mask like this is a huge adjustment.

A bunch of good guys! Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson.

The Resistance! Photo by Amanda Fineran.

Photo by Alex Hall.


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