St. Paul Winter Carnival

On February 2nd, I did an event for the St. Paul Winter Carnival (don’t worry – we were inside!) inside the Landmark Center. I didn’t feel like wearing any of my current costumes, and I really wanted to wear my orange lekku that I bought from my friend almost a year ago, so I whipped together a costume from things I already had from other costumes. I wore my pants, boots, and belt from my Poe Dameron costume, and my jacket and holster from my Zara Fenn costume. And then I carried a lightsaber, which made zero sense but it looked cool. I’ll eventually finish the actual costume for my orange lekku, but it’s nice to know I can toss this together when I feel like having some sort of vaguely Star Wars-y rebel/Jedi character.

Photo Credit: Todd Murray.

The event itself was super fun! There were a ton of kiddos there, so we posed for so many photos. There were a few kids that just walked up to stare at us, because we looked like such an odd bunch!

The architecture inside the Landmark Center is so, so beautiful. Our changing room was inside one of the former courtrooms, and it had these cool nooks with ornate archways that I just fell in love with.


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