MCBA Spring ComiCon 2019

Photo Credit: zombiecheshireproductions (IG)

May 18th and 19th was MCBA Spring ComiCon, and the first day was my debut of my Gamora costume! My belt is still being made, so I used a belt bag instead.

Photo Credit: Matt Eng.

I ran into my friend and artist, Matt Eng, and bought one of his “It’s a Rap!” Admiral Ackbar/RUN-DMC mash-up magnets (best purchase ever).

And…I sort of accidentally won third place in the costume contest. I say “accidentally” because I had zero plans of entering a costume contest. Considering how well (not well at all) my previous attempts at competitions went, I’ve kind of been avoiding competitions. But, they asked if I’d enter and I did, just for kicks. I ended up winning third place, which was pretty damn cool!

This one’s going on the fridge!

And a ribbon! Neat!

Photo Credit: moonlightmeika (IG)

For the second day, I wore my comics version of Black Widow. I was a bit tired because I did a volunteer event that morning, too. I still had a great time, though!


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