Dredd @ Alamo Drafthouse

Ma-Ma, Judge Dredd, and Clan Techie.

On August 29th, the Alamo Drafthouse showed Dredd in 3D and we were invited to hang out in the lobby in costume before the showing. I was super excited because I’ve only had a chance to wear my Techie costume once, and it was fun to bring it out again!

Photobooth shenanigans.

I think Dredd emoted too hard.


Weird Al Concert

The troopers perfecting their dance moves.

On August 27th, I got to do one of the coolest things: help as handler for the Weird Al concert! At every tour stop, Al likes to have Stormtroopers and Darth Vader on stage during “The Saga Begins.” He reaches out to the local garrison for the 501st Legion and they put a call out for troopers. Since I don’t have a Stormtrooper costume (but I’m a 501st Legion member), I could help as handler. I figured that was the next best thing aside from being onstage.

He played at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds’ Grandstand, and we were really lucky to have cooler weather (August in Minnesota can be brutal) so nobody got too overheated. The only issue is that it was an incredibly windy day – so much that the concert was delayed a while.

We arrived pretty early because everyone had to learn the choreography. A member of Al’s crew gave the troopers a run-down of the routine, and then they basically ran through the choreography a bunch of times out of costume (while me and the other “Dance Moms” handlers observed).

Orchestra “pit” on stage.

The troopers learning where they’ll stand during the performance.

Where’s the Minnesota Wolf Pack Squad? Oh, by the hot dish. Of course.

After grabbing a bite to eat and wandering around the fair a bit, we helped the troopers suit up (in a dark semi trailer – it was a challenge) and we waited for the cue for them to go onstage. Once they were onstage, the “Dance Moms” all stood off to the right to watch, and it was really surreal. The troopers did great!

View from a Dance Mom.

Afterward, we got to meet Al! He was really nice. We took pictures but it was dark and windy by the trailers so our pictures didn’t turn out the greatest. That’s okay – at least we got to meet him!

Our crew with Al!

Me with Al.

Anthony Russo at Best Buy HQ

On August 14th, Anthony Russo stopped in Minnesota for the We Love You 3000 tour. One of the stops was at Best Buy Headquarters to give a talk to the employees there, and Minnesota Superheroes United were asked to appear in costume. It was really cool to hear him talk about the MCU movies he and Joe directed.

He stopped to take photos with us and complimented us on our costumes (eeee!) and was just super wonderful.

We look frigging cool, just saying.