Halloween 2019

Somewhere there’s a fanfic about this, I’m sure.

For Halloween, I made a “burlesque” version of my General Hux costume, which really just consisted of using some existing costume pieces from other costumes in addition to buying a tulle bustle, a satin bolero, and making a tiny First Order fascinator. I really love how it turned out, actually!

Better shot of my makeup and jewelry. It’s hard to tell, but my necklace is a little BB-9E.


Anoka Halloween Parade 2019

All of the Costumers for a Cause members! Photo by Silverfoxviz.

On October 26, I marched as part of Minnesota Superheroes United with Costumers for a Cause in the Anoka Halloween Parade. I wore Gamora. It was a little chilly at first, but after we got walking it was much better. It was a beautiful, sunny day!

Our little superhero group.

Smiling and waving at the Earthlings. Photo by Alex Hall.

Science Museum of Minnesota – Social Science

Harley Quinn and Black Canary!

On October 24th, I attended the Science Museum of Minnesota‘s (last) Social Science event with Minnesota Superheroes United. I’m super sad they’re not doing these events anymore. They’re so fun. Anyway, I had a great time roaming around the museum as Black Canary. They had a Body Worlds exhibit, which I was super excited about and took a bunch of photos.

Badass bitches (and Casey Jones).

Black Canary, Black Widow, and Casey Jones were yeeted into the Soul Realm. Photo by Alex Hall.

Black Canary and Judge Dredd have some DREDDful news.

Black Canary in color!

MCBA Fall ComiCon 2019

Taken at the con by a member of the con staff (I think?)

On October 5th, I went to MCBA Fall ComiCon (my fourth year in a row!) and brought out my genderbend 11th Doctor costume for the first time in several years. I made a couple upgrades to it (new skirt, new wig, TARDIS purse) and I’m happy with it.

Since the con is held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, I had an impromptu photoshoot with Alex around some of the closed-for-the-season buildings.

Photo by Alex Hall.

Photo by Alex Hall.

Photo by Alex Hall.

Photo by Alex Hall.