The Rise of Skywalker Premiere

Group shot from Thursday!

Continuing with “Star Wars Week,” I did three Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere events in a row. The first was on December 19th at Alamo Drafthouse. I dressed as General Hux, and some friends made a “FREE HUGS” sign and we had a little too much fun taking photos of people hugging Hux against his best wishes.

My thoughts about the movie? I liked it, but I do have a few complaints, but nothing major. I won’t bore anyone with my opinions!

Hux doesn’t want this. At all.

The second event was on December 20th at the Alamo Drafthouse again. More shenanigans of Hux being hugged. I will never tire of this joke.

DO. NOT. WANT. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis/Silverfoxviz.

What is this disgusting creature? Take it away immediately.

The third event was on December 21st at Plymouth Grand 15. It was a longer troop, so I wore two costumes: Admiral Ackbar and Kylo Ren. I had so much fun at all of the events during “Star Wars Week,” even though I was super busy.

Our group! Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Admiral Snackbar. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Would you care for some Swedish Fish from Admiral Snackbar? Photo Credit: Nick Hickman,

Holdo + Ackbar 4 eva! Photo Credit: Sara Rae.

Fighting Rey, like usual. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.