Ronald McDonald House Family Night

Our group with one of the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Photo Credit: RMHC.

On February 5th, we did our first troop at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis for their Family Night. We mingled with the families and then did a little Q&A for the kids who gathered in their movie room to watch a Star Wars movie. It was also my first troop as part of the Rebel Legion!

Hanging with Ronald. Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.

The event organizer was telling us a little about the location and there was a family that recently checked out after staying over 700 nights at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a harsh reality check. These kids go through so much, and the families are uprooted so they can get the best care possible. There were families there from Italy and Poland. People come a long way to get the care they need, and Ronald McDonald House does such wonderful things for these families that spend so much time away from home.

Things like this put a lot into perspective. So many of us complain and gripe about minor things, but most of that pales in comparison to what these kids and their families are going through. Some of these kids will never get better. Some of them will pass away and the families will move back home without a child. It just really makes you think, you know?

Q&A. Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.

First troop as part of the Rebel Legion!


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