Home Visit for Brice

Us with Brice and his amazing parents. Photo Credit: Chris McArdle.

On February 12th, there was an urgent call out to Star Wars and superhero costumers to do a special home visit for Brice, a boy who is suffering with a terminal brain tumor. His parents were told he only has about two months or so to live, and so it’s become their mission to create a “bucket list” of fun things for him to experience. One of those was to meet some costumed Star Wars and superhero characters, and that’s where we came into the picture.

I’ve done a lot of events at children’s hospitals and the like, and those are always difficult because seeing children go through such pain and suffering breaks my heart, but I know that I can help make at least a few moments of their lives more fun. In those situations, I don’t necessarily know which of those sweet kiddos is battling a terminal illness. In this case, I knew I’d be meeting a little one who didn’t have much time left here on this Earth, and knowing that made it much more difficult…but it also made it that much more important that I put on a smiling face and help out a family in need.

Brice, my little sidekick! Photo Credit: Chris McArdle.

Meeting Brice was fantastic. He is the most chill, most content little dude I have ever met. He was all smiles and wonder and didn’t seem at all intimidated by Darth Vader (he really liked his “buttons”) or any of us silly costumers. I also can’t say enough wonderful things about his parents – they adore Brice so much.

What a cutie patootie! Photo Credit: Chris McArdle.

Brice’s adventures are continuing, and you can keep up to date on his “bucket list” and his health updates by visiting his Caring Bridge website.


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