Twi’lek Makeup Tutorial

I filmed this back in December, but I just finally edited this and uploaded it. This is a tutorial for my Zara Fenn (pink Twi’lek original character) makeup. I’m still perfecting my video-making skills, so it’s a little rough around the edges – but it should give you an idea of how I do my makeup, at least!


Autism Society of MN Flash Dash

Costumers for a Cause Crew! Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.

On March 1st, I attended the Autism Society of Minnesota‘s Steps for Autism Flash Dash as part of the Minnesota Force and Costumers for a Cause. I had a really great time! This was my first time wearing my Kylo Ren costume with my new upgrades (new boots, new wig, brown contacts) and I think they improved my costume a lot.

Screenshot from the FOX9 News segment about the event.

Power of the Dark Side! Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.