Kaiya Liin (Original Jedi Character) – Star Wars

I created my original Jedi character, Kaiya Liin, a few years ago. The first costume I made was…not great. It definitely wasn’t approvable by the Rebel Legion, and it just didn’t fit me well. I’ve honed my skills since then, too. I created a new costume and it was approved in the Rebel Legion in 2020!

Tunic: I made it out of linen-look fabric from Joann’s (the color is “Honey”). I used this pattern as my base, but made modifications to it.

Under Tunic: It’s a dickey that I made out of brown crinkle cotton fabric from Joann’s, but it doesn’t look like they have that color in stock online.

Tabards & Obi: These are actually made from an old table cloth I bought at Goodwill! The patterned trim is this really awesome ribbon I picked up at SR Harris. The gold trim on the obi is metallic gold ribbon I bought somewhere years ago (it was a craft store, but that’s all I remember).

Pants: I made them from a really soft, brown knit fabric that I bought at Joann’s, but I can’t remember what particular fabric it was. I may end up using a different pair of pants going forward since these aren’t quite what I wanted, but they work.

Boots: These are brown boots I bought at Target years ago (they’re the same ones I use for my Natasha Romanoff costume from Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Belt: I bought my belt and pouches from my friend Paul at PHProps. It’s so beautiful!

Food/Energy Capsules: I bought mine from Amazon.

Wig: I bought a wig off of Amazon and styled it, but I’m not terribly happy with it so I may repurpose it for my Beverly Crusher costume. I bought a different wig for this costume, though, and might go with that going forward. I bought that one in “Reddish Brown.”

Lightsaber: Mine is from SaberForge, and I can’t remember the model. The orange day blade is also from SaberForge.


Ben Solo – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Photo Credit: Flannery Rose.

After watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I immediately wanted to make a “good boy sweater” Ben Solo costume. So, I did! And it’s one of the most comfortable costumes I have. This costume was also my very first Rebel Legion-approved costume! I was the first Ben Solo approved in our base, too.

Tunic: I used this pattern as a base and sewed the tunic from black cotton gauze fabric.

Pants: These were a pair of coated black jeans I bought from Target (they’re not sold anymore, I don’t think) that I modified to Rebel Legion standards.

Boots: These are the Kylo Ren boots from CrowProps.

Wig: I bought this wig from Amazon and did a bit of styling to it.

Lightsaber: I had friends pick up the reforged Skywalker hilt from Galaxy’s Edge when they went to visit in early 2020.

FX Makeup: Since Ben is pretty banged up in the few minutes he’s on screen, I used Mehron’s ProColoRing Bruise wheel and Kryolan’s Fresh Scratch.

Dr. Beverly Crusher – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Photo Credit: Laura Gough.

I’ve been wanting to put together a Beverly Crusher costume for a while, and I finally did it in 2019!

Uniform: I bought it from Cosermart.

Coat: I bought it from a seller on Etsy.

Boots: These are Kenneth Cole Reaction “Salt” Chelsea boots.

Communicator Badge: It’s a magnetic metal one I got from my friend. I’m not sure where he got it originally.

Rank Pips: I bought them from Cosermart.

Wig: I bought this wig from Amazon, but I’ll likely use a different one going forward since I messed up the styling. Whoops.

Tricorder: I bought one of the Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation tricorder toys from the 1990s. It was new in box; I really lucked out! (I have yet to track down one of the medical tricorders, though.)

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Burlesque General Hux – Star Wars

Ever since I started making and putting together costumes on a regular basis, my Halloween costumes have gotten more and more ridiculous. I wish I had an explanation as to how I decided to do a burlesque version of General Hux, but I honestly don’t. I can’t even blame it on a fanfic this time. Regardless of how absurd this is, it was a really fun costume to put together.

Corset: I used the same corset that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Shorts: I used the same shorts that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Bustle: I bought this one from Amazon.

Fishnet Tights: I can’t remember where I bought them, but it was probably from Amazon.

Boots: These are the same ones I wear with my General Hux costume.

Bolero Jacket: I bought this jacket from Amazon, added a First Order patch from Etsy, and made rank bands out of satin ribbon to match the fabric of the jacket.

Gloves: I bought these satin gloves from Amazon.

First Order Fascinator: I made a teeny tiny First Order hat by mocking up a pattern based off of my actual First Order hat, and then shrinking it down about 50%, and then sewing it out of satin fabric. The little First Order pin is made from shrink plastic. I sewed a comb to it so it could attach to my wig.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Riding Crop: I bought this riding crop from Amazon.

Black Widow – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Adding to my growing collection of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow costumes, I decided to put together her look from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is definitely one of my favorite costumes! I hope to get some good photos of my costume soon.

Suit: I ordered mine off of eBay, and the particular seller doesn’t seem to sell it anymore, sadly, but I know there are a lot of other vendors that make this suit. The suit ended up being a little big in areas, so I had to do quite a bit of tailoring, but I think it looks decent.

Boots: These are the same Intaglia “Brooklyn” boots that I seem to use for a bunch of my costumes. I wish these were still made so I could buy a few more pairs as backups.

Widow Bites: These are from Etsy, and are actually The Avengers-style, but they still work well for the costume.

Belt Buckle: This is from the same Etsy shop as the Widow Bites.

Belt/Holsters: This whole rig is a mix of random pieces. The main belt is a tactical belt from Amazon, and the holsters were made with 1 1/2″ black webbing, two plastic buckles from Amazon, left and right Blackhawk Sherpa holsters, and I salvaged some of the decorative bits from the belt that came with my suit and added them to the belt as well.

Glock 26 Props: I bought two Glock 26 prop guns from Matt at Act Tactical.

Gloves: These are a pair of tactical gloves from Amazon.

Wig: I bought the wig from Amazon, but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore.

Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Photo Credit: Mary Kirk.

After tackling body paint for the first time with my Twi’lek costume, Gamora didn’t seem quite as scary. This costume is incredibly fun to wear, even though it takes a very long time to get into costume.

Jacket & Black Top: These were parts from a Cosplay Sky costume.

Tank Top: I bought a white ribbed tank top from Target and sliced off the bottom hem to look like the one she wears.

Pants: They’re wet look leggings that I bought from Target, I think. They’re no longer sold.

Gauntlets: I made mine from stretch pleather fabric.

Knee “Pads”: I made them from stretch pleather fabric, lined with thin EVA foam.

Boots: These are the same ones I use for my genderbend Kylo Ren. They’re Intaglia “Brooklyn” boots, but they’re no longer made, unfortunately.

Arm Socks: I bought a pair of tights off of Amazon that apparently aren’t sold anymore and sewed them into arm socks. I painted acrylic nails with Sinful Colors nail polish in “Exotic Green” (which is supposedly screen accurate) and attached them to the fingers.

Wig: I bought this wig from Pose Wigs and styled it.

Belt: My friend Paul from PHProps made it for me.

Godslayer: I purchased a 3D printed Godslayer from Etsy and finished and painted it myself.

Body Paint: I use Silly Farm’s FAB paint in Lemon Lime.

Makeup: I can’t quite remember all that I use (it’s been a while since I last wore this costume). I use some sort of green eyeshadow for the contouring. I use NYX Cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in “Emerald City” and “White” for the face markings, Graftobian Pro Lip Color in “Green,” and M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Humid” and “Goldmine” (screen accurate).

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Bridge Battle) – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

One night in the middle of a Facebook Messenger chat with my friend Paul we came up with the idea of doing a photoshoot of the bridge battle scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since Natasha isn’t in her Black Widow costume for that scene, I said, “Oh, I’ll just put together her look from that scene.” Because…why not? We still haven’t had a chance to do this photoshoot (thanks, pandemic) but we will soon, hopefully!

Jacket: The jacket came from White Sheep Leather.

Jeans: These are the Torrid Luxe Skinny Jean in Black, but I don’t know if they make these anymore (which is a huge bummer, because they are SO comfortable).

Boots: I bought these boots years ago from Target, so they’re definitely not available anymore.

Tank Top: This was another Target find a few years ago. It’s just a basic black tank top.

Wig: The wig is from Amazon, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. I have seen very similar wigs on Amazon, though.

Arrow Necklace: I bought mine from Etsy.

Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro costume made by Rae Lundquist.

I bought this amazing Totoro (from My Neighbor Totoro) costume from another costumer who was looking to sell it because he was moving and wanted to downsize his costumes. I jumped on it immediately because I absolutely love Totoro, and knew that this costume would bring so many people joy! I’ve only been able to wear it a couple of times (it’s quite a large costume, so it’s not super easy to transport) but it’s been absolutely worth it. It’s so much fun to wear!

Admiral Pepper’s Lonely Death Star Band – The Beatles/Star Wars Imperial Officers

This massive project started as an idea by my friend Amanda right after we bought our tickets for Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 in 2018. She proposed we do a mash-up costume of Star Wars Imperial officers with The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s costumes. I said, “I’m in! But only if I get to be Ringo.” We asked our friends Erich and Paul if they’d like to be part of it, and they were totally game. We decided to keep it a secret, and reveal the costumes at the convention.

There was a lot of thought about which elements we’d take from The Beatles and which elements we’d take from Imperial officers. We decided to make the costumes in Imperial officer style, but used The Beatles colors and added the tasseled epaulettes. Belts were Imperial-style belts, but the buckles featured a little drum rim design instead of the usual dome design. Hats were Imperial-style but were made in the same fabric as the rest of the costumes, and the greeblies were little Beatles kick drum designs instead of the dome design. We added the Sgt. Pepper’s patches to the costumes, and decided to use patches for the rank badges and code cylinders to stay with the patch theme. Amanda designed the drum head design, and Paul bought an actual kick drum head for us to attach it to. We had a Bluetooth speaker mounted to the back of it and played Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band everywhere we went. It was a hit, and we were so happy that people loved this weird idea of ours.

Since this was a group effort and most everything was made from scratch by someone in our group, I don’t really have links to anything. We commissioned the hats from Katie Keith, and commissioned the rank badge and code cylinder patches from Stacie Mossey.

I absolutely love mash-up costumes, so working on this project was so much fun and I’m incredibly happy with how our costumes turned out.

General Hux/First Order General “Girl Gang” – Star Wars

Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.

A couple members of the Minnesota Force came up with the idea of creating “Girl Gang” versions of Star Wars characters (inspired by Jen Bartel‘s Star Wars Girl Gang illustration). I definitely wanted to be part of it, but none of my female Star Wars costumes were canon characters, so everyone involved decided that we’d make an exception for General Hux (or, just a generic First Order General, I guess) since that’s the character I’m most known for. So, this is my Girl Gang interpretation of General Hux.

Jacket: The base jacket is this one from Amazon. The “Girl Gang” logo embroidery on the back was done by one of the members of the Minnesota Force. Then, I added red enamel spikes on the shoulders, the starburst and brass knuckles patches around the “Girl Gang” logo, and assorted patches and pins. I also added a First Order patch and rank bands made of ribbon on the left sleeve.

Dress: I bought this dress from ModCloth.

Belt: This is the belt I wear with my General Hux costume.

Boots: These are the boots I wear with my General Hux costume.

Hat: I used this hat as a base and then added various ribbons and tulle and finished it off with a First Order enamel pin.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Tights: These are just some black fishnets I had. I have no idea where I bought them, but they’re nothing special so I’m sure they can be found in lots of places.

This was a really fun concept costume to put together!

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.