Admiral Pepper’s Lonely Death Star Band – The Beatles/Star Wars Imperial Officers

This massive project started as an idea by my friend Amanda right after we bought our tickets for Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 in 2018. She proposed we do a mash-up costume of Star Wars Imperial officers with The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s costumes. I said, “I’m in! But only if I get to be Ringo.” We asked our friends Erich and Paul if they’d like to be part of it, and they were totally game. We decided to keep it a secret, and reveal the costumes at the convention.

There was a lot of thought about which elements we’d take from The Beatles and which elements we’d take from Imperial officers. We decided to make the costumes in Imperial officer style, but used The Beatles colors and added the tasseled epaulettes. Belts were Imperial-style belts, but the buckles featured a little drum rim design instead of the usual dome design. Hats were Imperial-style but were made in the same fabric as the rest of the costumes, and the greeblies were little Beatles kick drum designs instead of the dome design. We added the Sgt. Pepper’s patches to the costumes, and decided to use patches for the rank badges and code cylinders to stay with the patch theme. Amanda designed the drum head design, and Paul bought an actual kick drum head for us to attach it to. We had a Bluetooth speaker mounted to the back of it and played Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band everywhere we went. It was a hit, and we were so happy that people loved this weird idea of ours.

Since this was a group effort and most everything was made from scratch by someone in our group, I don’t really have links to anything. We commissioned the hats from Katie Keith, and commissioned the rank badge and code cylinder patches from Stacie Mossey.

I absolutely love mash-up costumes, so working on this project was so much fun and I’m incredibly happy with how our costumes turned out.


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