Black Widow – Marvel Comics (1970s Comic Version)

Photo by Alex Hall.

I’ve always loved the look of classic 1970s Marvel Comics Black Widow – just that sleek bodysuit with the gold accents! So, I thought I’d put this costume together once and for all.

Bodysuit: This is actually the same type of bodysuit I used for my Catwoman costume. I modified the zipper by replacing the existing zipper with a gold/brass-toned zipper (I think it was one I salvaged from my first version of my General Hux costume, actually). For the gold ring, I bought some chunky rings off of Etsy.

Wig: This is the Hestia wig in Dark Red from Epic Cosplay Wigs.

Belt: I made it from splicing together two metal circle belts from eBay (it doesn’t look like the seller is offering them anymore, sadly) and attaching them to 1″ black webbing secured with Velcro.

Widow Bites: I made them out of foam Nerf darts, metallic gold Cricut paper, and elastic. See my tutorial here!

Boots: I’m using a different pair of boots than the ones I’m wearing in the picture above. I’m using these boots, now.

Gloves: The gloves I bought from eBay don’t appear to be available from the seller anymore, but they were Music Legs brand wet-look gloves. They’re wrist-length.


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