General Hux/First Order General “Girl Gang” – Star Wars

Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.

A couple members of the Minnesota Force came up with the idea of creating “Girl Gang” versions of Star Wars characters (inspired by Jen Bartel‘s Star Wars Girl Gang illustration). I definitely wanted to be part of it, but none of my female Star Wars costumes were canon characters, so everyone involved decided that we’d make an exception for General Hux (or, just a generic First Order General, I guess) since that’s the character I’m most known for. So, this is my Girl Gang interpretation of General Hux.

Jacket: The base jacket is this one from Amazon. The “Girl Gang” logo embroidery on the back was done by one of the members of the Minnesota Force. Then, I added red enamel spikes on the shoulders, the starburst and brass knuckles patches around the “Girl Gang” logo, and assorted patches and pins. I also added a First Order patch and rank bands made of ribbon on the left sleeve.

Dress: I bought this dress from ModCloth.

Belt: This is the belt I wear with my General Hux costume.

Boots: These are the boots I wear with my General Hux costume.

Hat: I used this hat as a base and then added various ribbons and tulle and finished it off with a First Order enamel pin.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Tights: These are just some black fishnets I had. I have no idea where I bought them, but they’re nothing special so I’m sure they can be found in lots of places.

This was a really fun concept costume to put together!

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

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