Burlesque General Hux – Star Wars

Ever since I started making and putting together costumes on a regular basis, my Halloween costumes have gotten more and more ridiculous. I wish I had an explanation as to how I decided to do a burlesque version of General Hux, but I honestly don’t. I can’t even blame it on a fanfic this time. Regardless of how absurd this is, it was a really fun costume to put together.

Corset: I used the same corset that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Shorts: I used the same shorts that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Bustle: I bought this one from Amazon.

Fishnet Tights: I can’t remember where I bought them, but it was probably from Amazon.

Boots: These are the same ones I wear with my General Hux costume.

Bolero Jacket: I bought this jacket from Amazon, added a First Order patch from Etsy, and made rank bands out of satin ribbon to match the fabric of the jacket.

Gloves: I bought these satin gloves from Amazon.

First Order Fascinator: I made a teeny tiny First Order hat by mocking up a pattern based off of my actual First Order hat, and then shrinking it down about 50%, and then sewing it out of satin fabric. The little First Order pin is made from shrink plastic. I sewed a comb to it so it could attach to my wig.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Riding Crop: I bought this riding crop from Amazon.


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