Astrid Perri (Original Rebel Ground Crew Character) – Star Wars: A New Hope

I don’t know how it started, but a bunch of us decided to put together Rebel Ground Crew costumes because they’re probably the easiest costume in the Rebel Legion (it’s a grey jumpsuit and black boots – that’s it). We each have some sort of gimmick – funny accessories, pun-ny names, silly profile photos, etc. Mine is my teal hair and my lunchbox. I named my character Astrid Perri (“Astrid” because it’s a Scandinavian name and I’ve got a lot of Norwegian in my DNA, and “Perri” as a tribute to my great-grandfather, Louie Perry) and opted not to go with a pun-ny name. My costume was approved in the Rebel Legion! It definitely rivals my Ben Solo costume for Most Comfortable Costume.

Jumpsuit: I bought this from Anovos, but they no longer sell them.

Boots: These are X-Wing pilot boots I bought from CrowProps.

Belt: Another fine creation by my friend Paul at PHProps.

Lunchbox: I bought a vintage metal lunchbox from eBay and added a Rebel Alliance decal to the front of it.

Hydrospanner: My friend Paul 3D printed it for me, and I assembled, finished, and painted it.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in “Teal.”

Goggles: I bought a pair of welding goggles from eBay.


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