Not Bad for a Rookie

This August, the 501st Legion Central Garrison held its annual banquet (which I was unable to attend). They give out awards to its members based on nominations, and I ended up winning two awards: Trooper of the Year and Rookie of the Year!

It’s pretty cool considering I’ve only been a member of the 501st Legion since April. I absolutely love volunteering and it brings me so much joy and fulfillment. I’m glad that basically being a big kid and playing dress-up is something that can positively affect others.


I’m (Finally) a 501st Legion Member!


When I first started my foray into Star Wars costumes a couple of years ago, the thought of joining the 501st Legion or Rebel Legion was just unfathomable. I know my limits as a costumer, and I have a LOT to learn and a lot of room to grow. That said, I really wanted to do more with my costumes than just attend conventions…but I knew none of my costumes would fit the strict standards of the Legions.

I was then told about the Minnesota Force, which is a Minnesota-based Star Wars fan club that has multiple facets: gaming, a book club, a collector’s club, a makers group, and an art and illustration group. The makers group (which consists of people who make Star Wars costumes) does a lot of charity events in costume in conjunction with the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion. There’s a lot of crossover with the Star Wars costuming groups in Minnesota: the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion get along and do events together, and the majority of the events those groups are invited to are also extended to the Minnesota Force. I joined the Minnesota Force at the end of 2016, and I started volunteering in costume. Things picked up momentum pretty fast. I was doing at least two events per month (usually more), I started working on more Star Wars costumes, and I became friends with so many of the members of the group. A lot of the members are also members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. As I got to know everyone better, I started thinking that maybe I could make joining the Legions one of my goals.

I decided that my first Legion costume goal would be to get General Hux approved in the 501st Legion. I had my temporary costume (Version 1 that I wore for almost a year) and ended up commissioning a proper costume because I knew my skill level was not at the caliber I needed to make a screen-accurate costume myself. I received my costume a couple of weeks ago and submitted my application last week. Last night, I received a response that said I was accepted to the 501st Legion as the Central Garrison‘s very first General Hux. I’m incredibly happy to be part of a great volunteer organization, and I’m so excited to continue trooping with them, the Rebel Legion, and the Minnesota Force.

When you join the 501st Legion, you choose a member number that stays with you forever. When I chose mine, I decided to honor my mum by choosing 40138 – her birthdate was April 1, 1938. My mum was always so supportive of my creative endeavors and put up with my silliness as a child when I would wear my Halloween costumes months after Halloween was over, or when I would take old clothes and come up with some ridiculous “monster” costume and try to scare everyone, or when I’d make her wear whatever Halloween costume I wanted to put her in (like the Statue of Liberty, or a punk rocker). And, in recent years, she would ask to see photos from my volunteering events, and of my progress photos, and hear about whatever project I was working on. Last summer when she was in her last few weeks of life, she told me to keep volunteering at events (even though I told her I would cancel and spend time with her, if she wanted me to). She thought what I did was “so cool” (her words) and so I promised I’d keep volunteering and I’d keep making costumes. She knew how much I wanted to be part of the Legions, and so I wanted to honor her by choosing a number that would always make me think of her.

My next goal is to join the Rebel Legion (hopefully with Admiral Ackbar, or maybe Poe Dameron if I finish up a few things in my costume), and eventually make a costume to submit for 501st approval. But, for now, I’m just going to bounce around my house with excitement for achieving one of my goals.

Back From Hiatus


Hey there, friends. I haven’t posted much since July, and I apologize. My mum became incredibly ill, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and passed away on the 17th of August. I can’t believe it all happened in that short of time. Even while she was sick, she told me to keep going to events, to keep costuming, and to keep doing what I do. So, I did. I have events to post about and photos to share, and I will be catching up over the next week or so. I’ll be attending a lot of events in the next couple of months, and will hopefully begin work on more costumes.

Attached is a photo of my mum from Halloween 1996. She let me dress her up as a 90s punk/grunge kid (which I also was at that time – so I guess this was a Kris cosplay), complete with pink hair, fake piercings, and metallic green nails. She had so much fun with this costume.

Miss you, mum. I’ll keep on costuming as long as you keep being my #1 fan.