Back From Hiatus


Hey there, friends. I haven’t posted much since July, and I apologize. My mum became incredibly ill, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and passed away on the 17th of August. I can’t believe it all happened in that short of time. Even while she was sick, she told me to keep going to events, to keep costuming, and to keep doing what I do. So, I did. I have events to post about and photos to share, and I will be catching up over the next week or so. I’ll be attending a lot of events in the next couple of months, and will hopefully begin work on more costumes.

Attached is a photo of my mum from Halloween 1996. She let me dress her up as a 90s punk/grunge kid (which I also was at that time – so I guess this was a Kris cosplay), complete with pink hair, fake piercings, and metallic green nails. She had so much fun with this costume.

Miss you, mum. I’ll keep on costuming as long as you keep being my #1 fan.


It’s Business (Card) Time!


I ordered business cards to hand out at events in case anyone requests my info. Considering how socially awkward I am, these cards will probably last me a while.