Maggie’s End-of-Chemo Birthday Party

We were contacted by a family who was throwing a birthday celebration for a little girl, Maggie, who just wrapped up chemotherapy treatment. She loves Star Wars, so her mom wanted some characters to make an appearance. The party was on July 25th, and we had a wonderful time! She was so sweet and so grateful. What a cool kiddo!


Max’s Memorial Birthday Party

Last August, we visited Max, a really cool kid who was battling a multitude of health issues. We had a wonderful time and Max and his family became part of our Star Wars family. Sadly, late last year, Max passed away. We’ve been staying in touch with his family since last August, and they asked us to be part of Max’s memorial birthday party on July 10th. It was a wonderful celebration and a lovely memorial, but it was really difficult to hold it together emotionally. While this is such a huge part of why I do what I do, it’s also the most difficult part. Last year, two of the kiddos I visited passed away, and it was just so incredibly heartbreaking.

St. Patrick’s Day Reverse Parade

This year’s Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade was done reverse-style and was much more scaled down. It was also held on March 20th instead of St. Patrick’s Day proper. Costumers for a Cause sure turned out, though! I wish we had gotten a photo of everyone, but we were kind of spread out. This was my debut of my Peggy Carter Captain America, but it was so windy and I was masked up, so I didn’t bother to try and get good photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple of good shots soon.

Peggy Carter & Helmut Zemo. Together at last? (???) Photo Credit: Paige Kieffer.
Spider-Man meme time!