Ready for CONvergence 2018!

I am finally ready for CONvergence 2018! I spent the past few weeks making updates to a couple of my costumes and building a brand new one.


I’ll be wearing my Kylo Ren costume on Thursday from around noon-ish to maybe 5:00 or 6:00 PM, and then switch to Catwoman. I made a lot of updates to my Catwoman costume, and I think it’s much better, now. I haven’t worn this costume since 2016!


I’ll start off the day as General Hux, and then I’ll switch (very) briefly to Admiral Ackbar, and then at around 5:00 PM I’ll switch to Scarlet Witch.


On Saturday, I’ll wear Admiral Ackbar for the Star Wars Meet-Up at 1:00 PM and wear that for a little while. Then, I’ll switch to my Twi’lek for the remainder of the day.

I have some ribbons to hand out, too!


Find me as General Hux and tell me why Kylo Ren is a punk bitch and you’ll receive the “Generally Angry” ribbon (there are only a few left!) and/or give me a hug (or high-five, or whatever friendly gesture we’re both comfortable with) and you’ll receive the “General Hugs” ribbon.

I will have the “Rebellions” and “Twi’lek Sisterhood” ribbons with me as my Twi’lek, so come on up to me and ask for a ribbon, and you shall receive!

Find me as Admiral Ackbar and tell me IT’S A TRAP! to receive the “It’s a Trap!” ribbon. I will also have the “Rebellions” ribbon with me, so feel free to ask for that one.

See you all this weekend!


Twin Cities Pride Parade

Pride Parade 2018-Watermarked (26)

Costumers: Kayla Beckemeyer, Coley Lind, Kat Zabronsky, Kris Heding. Nick Hickman, Madeline Anderson, Jordan West, Paul Haga, Amanda Fineran, Eve Zabronsky, Shtey Short, Kate Daiker, Lindsey Rae, Eric Hanson, Ron Larson, and Anita Larson. Photo by Amore Fotography and Events.

June 24th was the Twin Cities Pride Parade! We had an even bigger group than last year, which is really awesome! We marched with the Geek Partnership Society again, so we had a giant nerdy group.

Pride Parade 2018-Watermarked (24)

Twi’lek (sort of) Rainbow! Costumers: Kris Heding, Lindsey Rae, Amanda Fineran, Eve Zabronsky, and Jordan West. Photo by Amore Fotography and Events.

Pride Parade 2018-Watermarked (108)

Carrying the Pride Squadron banner! Photo by Amore Fotography and Events.

The best part, though? Madeline proposed to Jordan! Jordan said yes, of course (even though she couldn’t put on the ring over her gloves). It was the cutest thing!

Pride Parade 2018-Watermarked (133)

She said yes! Photo by Amore Fotography and Events.


Costumers: Kayla Beckemeyer, Kate Daiker, Coley Lind, Amanda Fineran, Madeline Anderson, Jordan West, Lindsey Rae, Kris Heding, Nick Hickman, and Eric Hanson.

St. Paul Saints Star Wars Night


Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

June 8th was Star Wars Night with the St. Paul Saints! We had a massive group and beautiful weather, so it was a good night! We had a lot of fun, as usual.


Chewie handling isn’t just a matter of making sure he doesn’t trip over little kids. It’s also ensuring that his fur looks ON POINT at all times. (Photos by Michael Tangen.)


Arriving at the stadium! Costumers: Amanda Fineran, Pari Elizabeth, and Kris Heding. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


Twi’lek Trio! Costumers: Pari Elizabeth, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere


Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24, 2018.

I appeared at three different theaters for the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere in May, and had a wonderful time! The first was at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24th. I really, really enjoyed the movie and immediately fell in love with L3-37.


Costumers: Madeline Anderson, Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

On the 25th, I was at the CMX Odyssey in Burnsville, and saw the movie a second time (and loved it just as much).


CMX Odyssey group! Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


The Resistance! Costumers: Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


Costumers: Lindsey Rae, Kris Heding, Jordan West, Steve Fuchs, Madeline Anderson, Mackenzie Urvand, and Mike Urvand. Photo Credit: Lindsey Rae.

On the 26th, I was at the St. Michael Cinema. It’s a beautiful theater! I didn’t see the movie a third time because I was kind of exhausted from doing a bunch of troops in a row.


Just, you know, hanging out in the theater’s “cantina.” Costumers: Mackenzie Urvand, Mike Urvand, Lindsey Rae, Madeline Anderson, Kris Heding, and Steve Fuchs. Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson.