Kaiya Liin (Original Jedi Character) – Star Wars

I created my original Jedi character, Kaiya Liin, a few years ago. The first costume I made was…not great. It definitely wasn’t approvable by the Rebel Legion, and it just didn’t fit me well. I’ve honed my skills since then, too. I created a new costume and it was approved in the Rebel Legion in 2020!

Tunic: I made it out of linen-look fabric from Joann’s (the color is “Honey”). I used this pattern as my base, but made modifications to it.

Under Tunic: It’s a dickey that I made out of brown crinkle cotton fabric from Joann’s, but it doesn’t look like they have that color in stock online.

Tabards & Obi: These are actually made from an old table cloth I bought at Goodwill! The patterned trim is this really awesome ribbon I picked up at SR Harris. The gold trim on the obi is metallic gold ribbon I bought somewhere years ago (it was a craft store, but that’s all I remember).

Pants: I made them from a really soft, brown knit fabric that I bought at Joann’s, but I can’t remember what particular fabric it was. I may end up using a different pair of pants going forward since these aren’t quite what I wanted, but they work.

Boots: These are brown boots I bought at Target years ago (they’re the same ones I use for my Natasha Romanoff costume from Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Belt: I bought my belt and pouches from my friend Paul at PHProps. It’s so beautiful!

Food/Energy Capsules: I bought mine from Amazon.

Wig: I bought a wig off of Amazon and styled it, but I’m not terribly happy with it so I may repurpose it for my Beverly Crusher costume. I bought a different wig for this costume, though, and might go with that going forward. I bought that one in “Reddish Brown.”

Lightsaber: Mine is from SaberForge, and I can’t remember the model. The orange day blade is also from SaberForge.