St. Louis Park Parktacular Parade


June 16th was the St. Louis Park Parktacular Parade, and boy, was it a rainy and damp one. Humid, too! We still had a good turnout, and there were still a ton of people lined up to watch the parade. Despite getting pretty damp, we had a great time!


St. Paul Saints Star Wars Night


Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

June 8th was Star Wars Night with the St. Paul Saints! We had a massive group and beautiful weather, so it was a good night! We had a lot of fun, as usual.


Chewie handling isn’t just a matter of making sure he doesn’t trip over little kids. It’s also ensuring that his fur looks ON POINT at all times. (Photos by Michael Tangen.)


Arriving at the stadium! Costumers: Amanda Fineran, Pari Elizabeth, and Kris Heding. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


Twi’lek Trio! Costumers: Pari Elizabeth, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere


Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24, 2018.

I appeared at three different theaters for the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere in May, and had a wonderful time! The first was at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24th. I really, really enjoyed the movie and immediately fell in love with L3-37.


Costumers: Madeline Anderson, Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

On the 25th, I was at the CMX Odyssey in Burnsville, and saw the movie a second time (and loved it just as much).


CMX Odyssey group! Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


The Resistance! Costumers: Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


Costumers: Lindsey Rae, Kris Heding, Jordan West, Steve Fuchs, Madeline Anderson, Mackenzie Urvand, and Mike Urvand. Photo Credit: Lindsey Rae.

On the 26th, I was at the St. Michael Cinema. It’s a beautiful theater! I didn’t see the movie a third time because I was kind of exhausted from doing a bunch of troops in a row.


Just, you know, hanging out in the theater’s “cantina.” Costumers: Mackenzie Urvand, Mike Urvand, Lindsey Rae, Madeline Anderson, Kris Heding, and Steve Fuchs. Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson.

Minnesota Twins Star Wars Night


Fine looking group, I’d say!

On May 22nd, it was the Minnesota Twins‘ Star Wars Night! This was my first time doing this event, and it was pretty fun. Our group was split up into smaller groups to do different activities, and Hux and Kylo were part of a speed trivia game (we didn’t have to answer questions – we just stood in the background and looked menacing). I made it onto the Jumbotron!

It was really cool to watch the game from the balcony. It was a beautiful night, too!


Answer the questions, or get thrown out of the airlock.


Episode IX spoilers: Hux employs an army of porgs. Photo by Alex Hall.

MCBA Spring ComiCon 2018

On May 19th & 20th, I attended MCBA Spring ComiCon, and it was a wonderful time, as usual! I volunteered at the Minnesota Force table on Saturday, and the 501st Legion booth on Sunday.

Awesome photos taken by Lindsey Rae! Costumers: Pari Elizabeth and Kris Heding.

More awesome photos by Lindsey Rae! Costumer: Kris Heding.


Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson. Costumers: Nick Hickman, Shtey Short, Kris Heding, Eve Zabronsky, Jordan West, Sara Rae, Madeline Anderson, Trevor Bailey, and Pari Elizabeth, with bonus Tusken Raider! (Your costume was awesome!)


The highlight was running into C-3PO at the end of the day on Sunday. We hope he’ll join the Minnesota Force and/or Rebel Legion so we can troop with him!

Make-A-Wish Sendoff Rally


Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran. Costumers: Todd Murray, Pari Elizabeth, Trevor Bailey, Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, Michael Tangen, and Eric Hanson.

On May 18th, we attended a sendoff rally for David, whose wish from Make-A-Wish was granted! He’ll be going to Jedi training at Disney World!

He had a pizza lunch with his friends, and we got to meet everyone during lunch. Then, we joined the entire school for their rally in the afternoon. It was a great time!

I hope David has a blast at Disney World!

Minnesota Orchestra Symphony Ball


Costumers: Kris Heding, Alex Hall, Paul Haga, Eve Zabronsky, and Steve Fuchs.

On May 12th, the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion were invited to the Minnesota Orchestra‘s Symphony Ball. The theme was “Sounds of the Cinema.” We lined the skyway between the Hilton and Orchestra Hall and posed for photos, and then hung around during a social hour in the lobby of Orchestra Hall.

Funniest thing was when we were standing in the skyway, a very dapper Darth Vader came and stood by us (black suit with a gold grid pattern, gold glitter bow tie, black glitter shoes, and a gold glitter Vader helmet) for close to an hour. I had no idea who it was – I just assumed it was a guest who got super dolled up for the event (and whose attire brought me great joy). Turns out it was Jeremy Messersmith.