Zara Fenn (Original Twi’lek Character) – Star Wars

Zara Fenn is the result of wanting to make a Twi’lek character and wanting to make an original character that fell into the Star Wars sequel trilogy timeframe. First, Zara’s backstory:

Zara Fenn was born in 2 ABY on Ryloth. Her parents were Liana Fenn and Koro Fenn. Koro was a trader and traveled a lot, so he wasn’t around much, but he was a good father when he was home. Liana worked as an artisan, but developed a horrible illness when Zara was 15 and could no longer work. She started smuggling when she discovered certain hard-to-find (and sometimes illegal) substances alleviated Liana’s pain, and the only way to acquire these were through underground smuggling and trading. She was her mother’s primary caregiver until she passed away in 26 ABY when Zara was 24.

After her mother passed away, Zara immersed herself into smuggling full-time, picking up odd jobs here and there. She spent a lot of time at Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana, which is where she picked up most of her smuggling jobs. She befriended a lot of other smugglers, rogues, and pirates there.

In 34 ABY, Zara’s father Koro was killed on Cardota when the First Order destroyed the Hosnian system. He was only there for a short time for a trading job.

When the First Order nearly eradicated the entirety of the Resistance, the remaining members established a temporary base on Rakata Prime. They continued to send communication to other planets and systems to find allies who could potentially be recruited. As allies began to respond and agree to join the Resistance, General Organa needed to transport the new recruits to the Resistance base undetected.

A member of the Resistance traveled to Takodana to ask Maz for her recommendations for a smuggler who could safely transport recruits from their home planets to the new base on Rakata Prime. Maz recommended Zara Fenn, and Zara accepted the offer. Zara initially agreed because it was “just another job,” but after working with the Resistance for a short while, she realized she agreed with their goal to end the First Order and restore peace in the galaxy. She officially joined the Resistance, and continued to use her smuggling skills to help them rebuild and recruit.

Random Facts:

  • “Fenn” is Twi’leki for “Hardworking.”
  • Zara adopted one of the Porgs that nested on the Millennium Falcon. She named him Poy (Twi’leki for “wings”), and he accompanied her on her travels.
  • She liked knitting and embroidery, both skills she learned from her mother.
  • Zara was ambidextrous.
  • Her favorite planet to visit was Kashyyyk. She’s learned a bit of Shyriiwook, so she could communicate fairly well with Wookiees.

Now, onto the build of the costume!

Lekku: Pre-colored silicone Lekku from TwilekPam in “Endura Pink.”

Face/Body Paint: European Body Art’s Endura alcohol-based paint in Pink. (More info about the paint application process and the makeup I used can be found here).

Jacket: Black Rivet moto mock collar faux-leather jacket from Wilson’s Leather. I sewed on a Rebel Alliance patch onto the left upper arm.

Shirt: Just a plain grey scoop-neck tee from Target.

Jeans: Black skinny jeans from Torrid.

Boots: The same Teva Capistrano boots I use for my Poe Dameron costume.

Belt: I used the same belt buckle that I used for my Poe Dameron costume, but bought a black leather belt strap to use with it instead.

Goggles: I bought a pair of costume aviator goggles from Amazon.

Head Wrap: I made the head wrap using black faux leather upholstery fabric. (More information can be found here.)

Holster: I bought an amazing Poe Dameron/Resistance Pilot holster from DarmansProps.

Blaster: I repainted a Glie-44 Nerf blaster. (More information and photos can be found here.)

Pouch: I used the same leather pouch I used for my Kaiya Liin costume.

Gloves: I used the same black leather gloves I used for my General Hux and Kylo Ren costumes.

Poy: Poy the Porg is one of the Underground Toys Action Porg plushes. But don’t tell him that…he thinks he’s real.


Twi’lek Head Wrap

I ventured into new costume territory by putting together a Star Wars Twi’lek costume! One of the pieces I made was a head wrap. The wrap has multiple purposes: it hides the edge of the lekku, it holds the ear cones, and also helps secure the lekku to the head.

I started out by sketching out several designs on scrap paper, and then made a rough pattern from that. Then, I cut out a piece of scrap fabric from my pattern to see how well it would fit, and made adjustments until I had everything pretty close to how I wanted it.

I used two types of fabric for the wrap: the outside was made using black heavyweight faux leather, and the inside was made with a similar faux leather, but a bit more lightweight. I don’t know the exact fabric I used since I ended up buying it on clearance at Joann Fabrics.

I cut out the pattern from both fabrics, and then placed them right sides together and sewed along the top and bottom seams (leaving the ends open). I turned the wrap inside-out and sewed over the edges of the fabric along the top and bottom edges. From there, I figured out where I wanted the ear cones to stick through and cut out circles from just the front side of the wrap. I hand-sewed 2mm stainless steel ball chain around the edge of the openings to give the wrap a little flair, and then slid the ear cones inside the wrap and poked them through the openings. I used a little bit of duct tape to hold them in place. Once everything was secured, I sewed up the ends and sewed on black Velcro.

The nice thing about making a head wrap for an original character is that I had a lot of leeway as to what I could do design-wise. I opted for keeping it pretty simple (minus the ball chain detail) because I paired the head wrap with goggles, so there wasn’t much room for me to go crazy with embellishments or anything.



Head wrap in action!


Map to Luke Skywalker

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron is given a data storage unit that contains the map to Luke Skywalker’s location by Lor San Tekka. Because the internet is a wonderful (yet strange) place, there are 3D print files available to print a version of the data storage unit. Madeline (of MADsCosplay) printed out a bunch and gave me one, which is the perfect little prop for my Poe Dameron cosplay.

On the left is the raw printed version, and on the right is the sanded version. They don’t look much different, I guess.

On the left is the version shown in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo, and on the right is my finished version. Mine ended up being a lot more weathered, but I think it looks pretty good. I just used acrylic paint and sealed it with a coat of Mod Podge.


Here are a bunch of different views of it.


The above is a still from the film, and it doesn’t seem like any of the 3D print files I’ve seen look very much like this one (they all seem to be based off of the Visual Dictionary photo), but that’s fine with me. I’m just happy to have a fun little prop to go with my cosplay!