Children’s Hospital (St. Paul)

Our group! Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.

On January 8th, I filled in last minute for a fellow trooper who was unable to attend an event at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. They were doing a special showing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for the patients and their families, so we “partied” with them before half of our group went to do a few room visits. I had a great time, and I hope the kids enjoyed the movie!

“I need Kylo to LOSE.” Photo Credit: Todd Murray.

Photo booth shenanigans.


The Rise of Skywalker Premiere

Group shot from Thursday!

Continuing with “Star Wars Week,” I did three Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere events in a row. The first was on December 19th at Alamo Drafthouse. I dressed as General Hux, and some friends made a “FREE HUGS” sign and we had a little too much fun taking photos of people hugging Hux against his best wishes.

My thoughts about the movie? I liked it, but I do have a few complaints, but nothing major. I won’t bore anyone with my opinions!

Hux doesn’t want this. At all.

The second event was on December 20th at the Alamo Drafthouse again. More shenanigans of Hux being hugged. I will never tire of this joke.

DO. NOT. WANT. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis/Silverfoxviz.

What is this disgusting creature? Take it away immediately.

The third event was on December 21st at Plymouth Grand 15. It was a longer troop, so I wore two costumes: Admiral Ackbar and Kylo Ren. I had so much fun at all of the events during “Star Wars Week,” even though I was super busy.

Our group! Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Admiral Snackbar. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Would you care for some Swedish Fish from Admiral Snackbar? Photo Credit: Nick Hickman,

Holdo + Ackbar 4 eva! Photo Credit: Sara Rae.

Fighting Rey, like usual. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

St. Paul Saints Star Wars Night

May 17th was Star Wars Night at the St. Paul Saints. I always have fun at this event! We were worried it was going to get rained out, but fortunately it just stayed really cloudy.

“Hux, stop!” Photo Credit: Amore Fotography & Events.

We got into our usual shenanigans and took silly photos.

I’m looking forward to this event again next spring!


May the 4th Events

On May 4, I did a record number of four events in one day. That means I was in my full Twi’lek makeup for about 14 hours. (Lesson learned: I won’t do that again.) But, as “May the Fourth” is a holiday for us Star Wars nerds, I thought I’d “go big or go home.”

The first event of the day was Free Comic Book Day, and we went to Hot Comics & Collectibles in Richfield to interact with guests as they entered the store. We also grabbed some free comics while we were there!

The second event of the day was taking part of the video shoot for The Von Tramps‘ song, “Episode One.” It was a super fun shoot, and the members of the band are so incredibly nice and kind!

Here is the video:

Pretty awesome, huh?

The third event was a “May the 4th” celebration at La Doña Cervecería. We spent about an hour there interacting with guests.

The fourth and final event was the “May the Fourth be with You” event at Bent Brewstillery. We sampled some brews, interacted with guests, and had a wonderful time.

Although it was a long day, it was super fun!

Shoot for the Moon

Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson.

On March 9th, the Star Wars groups got together and appeared at the Shoot for the Moon event at the Mall of America for a fundraiser benefiting the Mary Moon Foundation. We had a great turnout and took lots of photos, gave lots of hugs, and lots of high-fives!

I wore my mish-mash Twi’lek costume again (this time, combining my Poe Dameron costume and my Zeltron costume and a couple of other props) and I think it kind of worked.

Photo Credit: Pamela Scott.

Photo Credit: Pamela Scott.

Science Fiction Day @ Science Museum of MN

Giant group! Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

February 23rd was “Science Fiction Day” (formerly “Star Wars Day”) at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Last year, I wasn’t 501st Legion-approved so I helped as a handler, but this year I got to actually troop! We had a giant turnout of costumers, and had a lot of fun mingling with guests and posing for photos.

Stare-down with a T-Rex. Hux has zero chill. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Choose your fighter. Costumers: Paul Haga and Kris Heding. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Sometimes, yeah. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Dance-off, bro! Costumers: Mike Giralico and Kris Heding. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Intergalactic news. Costumers: Amanda Fineran and Kris Heding. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Hux gives up with these fools. Costumers: Amanda Fineran, Kris Heding, Jeremy Horn, and Nick Hickman. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Ever get a wet willy from a Wookiee? It’s not fun. Costumers: Kris Heding and Paul Haga. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Photo Credit: Shane Lewis.

Eep! Costumers: Paul Haga and Kris Heding.

Nothing like a good ol’ game of Hoth Ball. Costumers: Kris Heding and Alex Hall.

Pummeled by snowballs. Thanks, Hera. Costumers: Kris Heding and Pari Elizabeth.

Kara-O-Con 2019

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

February 16th was one of my favorite events – Kara-O-Con at Grumpy’s Bar & Grill in Roseville! This was my third year going, and as usual, I had a blast! I wore my Black Canary costume and sang two songs: Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” with my friend Jim, and Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” by myself.

Photo Credit: Soledad Kern.

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

St. Paul Winter Carnival

On February 2nd, I did an event for the St. Paul Winter Carnival (don’t worry – we were inside!) inside the Landmark Center. I didn’t feel like wearing any of my current costumes, and I really wanted to wear my orange lekku that I bought from my friend almost a year ago, so I whipped together a costume from things I already had from other costumes. I wore my pants, boots, and belt from my Poe Dameron costume, and my jacket and holster from my Zara Fenn costume. And then I carried a lightsaber, which made zero sense but it looked cool. I’ll eventually finish the actual costume for my orange lekku, but it’s nice to know I can toss this together when I feel like having some sort of vaguely Star Wars-y rebel/Jedi character.

Photo Credit: Todd Murray.

The event itself was super fun! There were a ton of kiddos there, so we posed for so many photos. There were a few kids that just walked up to stare at us, because we looked like such an odd bunch!

The architecture inside the Landmark Center is so, so beautiful. Our changing room was inside one of the former courtrooms, and it had these cool nooks with ornate archways that I just fell in love with.