Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Photo Credit: Mary Kirk.

After tackling body paint for the first time with my Twi’lek costume, Gamora didn’t seem quite as scary. This costume is incredibly fun to wear, even though it takes a very long time to get into costume.

Jacket & Black Top: These were parts from a Cosplay Sky costume.

Tank Top: I bought a white ribbed tank top from Target and sliced off the bottom hem to look like the one she wears.

Pants: They’re wet look leggings that I bought from Target, I think. They’re no longer sold.

Gauntlets: I made mine from stretch pleather fabric.

Knee “Pads”: I made them from stretch pleather fabric, lined with thin EVA foam.

Boots: These are the same ones I use for my genderbend Kylo Ren. They’re Intaglia “Brooklyn” boots, but they’re no longer made, unfortunately.

Arm Socks: I bought a pair of tights off of Amazon that apparently aren’t sold anymore and sewed them into arm socks. I painted acrylic nails with Sinful Colors nail polish in “Exotic Green” (which is supposedly screen accurate) and attached them to the fingers.

Wig: I bought this wig from Pose Wigs and styled it.

Belt: My friend Paul from PHProps made it for me.

Godslayer: I purchased a 3D printed Godslayer from Etsy and finished and painted it myself.

Body Paint: I use Silly Farm’s FAB paint in Lemon Lime.

Makeup: I can’t quite remember all that I use (it’s been a while since I last wore this costume). I use some sort of green eyeshadow for the contouring. I use NYX Cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in “Emerald City” and “White” for the face markings, Graftobian Pro Lip Color in “Green,” and M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Humid” and “Goldmine” (screen accurate).


Anoka Halloween Parade 2019

All of the Costumers for a Cause members! Photo by Silverfoxviz.

On October 26, I marched as part of Minnesota Superheroes United with Costumers for a Cause in the Anoka Halloween Parade. I wore Gamora. It was a little chilly at first, but after we got walking it was much better. It was a beautiful, sunny day!

Our little superhero group.

Smiling and waving at the Earthlings. Photo by Alex Hall.

MCBA Spring ComiCon 2019

Photo Credit: zombiecheshireproductions (IG)

May 18th and 19th was MCBA Spring ComiCon, and the first day was my debut of my Gamora costume! My belt is still being made, so I used a belt bag instead.

Photo Credit: Matt Eng.

I ran into my friend and artist, Matt Eng, and bought one of his “It’s a Rap!” Admiral Ackbar/RUN-DMC mash-up magnets (best purchase ever).

And…I sort of accidentally won third place in the costume contest. I say “accidentally” because I had zero plans of entering a costume contest. Considering how well (not well at all) my previous attempts at competitions went, I’ve kind of been avoiding competitions. But, they asked if I’d enter and I did, just for kicks. I ended up winning third place, which was pretty damn cool!

This one’s going on the fridge!

And a ribbon! Neat!

Photo Credit: moonlightmeika (IG)

For the second day, I wore my comics version of Black Widow. I was a bit tired because I did a volunteer event that morning, too. I still had a great time, though!