East Central Regional Library May the 4th Event

On May 4th, we visited the East Central Regional Library for their May the 4th event! We did a virtual Q&A and participated in Star Wars trivia!


Burlesque General Hux – Star Wars

Ever since I started making and putting together costumes on a regular basis, my Halloween costumes have gotten more and more ridiculous. I wish I had an explanation as to how I decided to do a burlesque version of General Hux, but I honestly don’t. I can’t even blame it on a fanfic this time. Regardless of how absurd this is, it was a really fun costume to put together.

Corset: I used the same corset that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Shorts: I used the same shorts that I use for my Black Canary costume.

Bustle: I bought this one from Amazon.

Fishnet Tights: I can’t remember where I bought them, but it was probably from Amazon.

Boots: These are the same ones I wear with my General Hux costume.

Bolero Jacket: I bought this jacket from Amazon, added a First Order patch from Etsy, and made rank bands out of satin ribbon to match the fabric of the jacket.

Gloves: I bought these satin gloves from Amazon.

First Order Fascinator: I made a teeny tiny First Order hat by mocking up a pattern based off of my actual First Order hat, and then shrinking it down about 50%, and then sewing it out of satin fabric. The little First Order pin is made from shrink plastic. I sewed a comb to it so it could attach to my wig.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Riding Crop: I bought this riding crop from Amazon.

General Hux/First Order General “Girl Gang” – Star Wars

Photo Credit: Heather Nicole.

A couple members of the Minnesota Force came up with the idea of creating “Girl Gang” versions of Star Wars characters (inspired by Jen Bartel‘s Star Wars Girl Gang illustration). I definitely wanted to be part of it, but none of my female Star Wars costumes were canon characters, so everyone involved decided that we’d make an exception for General Hux (or, just a generic First Order General, I guess) since that’s the character I’m most known for. So, this is my Girl Gang interpretation of General Hux.

Jacket: The base jacket is this one from Amazon. The “Girl Gang” logo embroidery on the back was done by one of the members of the Minnesota Force. Then, I added red enamel spikes on the shoulders, the starburst and brass knuckles patches around the “Girl Gang” logo, and assorted patches and pins. I also added a First Order patch and rank bands made of ribbon on the left sleeve.

Dress: I bought this dress from ModCloth.

Belt: This is the belt I wear with my General Hux costume.

Boots: These are the boots I wear with my General Hux costume.

Hat: I used this hat as a base and then added various ribbons and tulle and finished it off with a First Order enamel pin.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in Dark Copper Red.

Tights: These are just some black fishnets I had. I have no idea where I bought them, but they’re nothing special so I’m sure they can be found in lots of places.

This was a really fun concept costume to put together!

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Children’s Hospital (St. Paul)

Our group! Photo Credit: Lisa Hayes.

On January 8th, I filled in last minute for a fellow trooper who was unable to attend an event at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. They were doing a special showing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for the patients and their families, so we “partied” with them before half of our group went to do a few room visits. I had a great time, and I hope the kids enjoyed the movie!

“I need Kylo to LOSE.” Photo Credit: Todd Murray.

Photo booth shenanigans.

The Rise of Skywalker Premiere

Group shot from Thursday!

Continuing with “Star Wars Week,” I did three Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere events in a row. The first was on December 19th at Alamo Drafthouse. I dressed as General Hux, and some friends made a “FREE HUGS” sign and we had a little too much fun taking photos of people hugging Hux against his best wishes.

My thoughts about the movie? I liked it, but I do have a few complaints, but nothing major. I won’t bore anyone with my opinions!

Hux doesn’t want this. At all.

The second event was on December 20th at the Alamo Drafthouse again. More shenanigans of Hux being hugged. I will never tire of this joke.

DO. NOT. WANT. Photo Credit: Shane Lewis/Silverfoxviz.

What is this disgusting creature? Take it away immediately.

The third event was on December 21st at Plymouth Grand 15. It was a longer troop, so I wore two costumes: Admiral Ackbar and Kylo Ren. I had so much fun at all of the events during “Star Wars Week,” even though I was super busy.

Our group! Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Admiral Snackbar. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Would you care for some Swedish Fish from Admiral Snackbar? Photo Credit: Nick Hickman,

Holdo + Ackbar 4 eva! Photo Credit: Sara Rae.

Fighting Rey, like usual. Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

Halloween 2019

Somewhere there’s a fanfic about this, I’m sure.

For Halloween, I made a “burlesque” version of my General Hux costume, which really just consisted of using some existing costume pieces from other costumes in addition to buying a tulle bustle, a satin bolero, and making a tiny First Order fascinator. I really love how it turned out, actually!

Better shot of my makeup and jewelry. It’s hard to tell, but my necklace is a little BB-9E.