HopeKids Festival


On September 10th, we attended the HopeKids Festival, which is a giant event for families with children who have cancer or other life-threatening diseases. They had all sorts of fun things for the kids to do, and it was wonderful seeing them having such a great time!

The event was held at TCF Bank Stadium, which I had never been to before. (We sure have a lot of fancy new stadiums in Minnesota, and it seems like it takes me a while to see them in person…)

All photos in this post were taken by Alex Hall!


Costumers: Jonathan Butler, Steve Fuchs, Kris Heding, Phil Glover, Coley Lind, and James Douthitt. Steve Carter is lurking in the background as a Stormtrooper.


Costumers: Kris Heding and James Douthitt.


Costumers: Jonathan Butler, Jennifer Schubert, Kris Heding, Phil Glover, Coley Lind, and James Douthitt.


Costumers: Kris Heding, James Douthitt, and Steve Carter.


Costumers: Kris Heding and Jonathan Butler.


Costumers: Coley Lind, Phil Glover, Steve Fuchs, Alex Hall, Robert Schubert, Steve Carter, Kris Heding, Jennifer Schubert, Jonathan Butler, and James Douthitt.


Apple Pick’n Days


Costumers: Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Aaron Weiss, Anna Sawyer (and the Wee Bug), Todd Murray, Pari Bailey, Amanda Fineran, and Alex Hall.

Apple Pick’n Days is a two-day event held at Deardorff Orchards to raise money for Children’s Hospital, and we made an appearance on the first day (August 26th – which was also my birthday). It was kind of cold and rainy, but there was still a pretty good turnout.


And we got cheese sticks for a snack! Costumers: Todd Murray, Alex Hall, Aaron Weiss, Kris Heding, Pari Bailey, Amanda Fineran, and Phil Glover.


Star Wars Night @ The St. Paul Saints


Star Wars Night was originally scheduled for May, but the game got rained out (and it was unseasonably cold) so the game was rescheduled for August 6th. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the rescheduled game!

It was my first time at CHS Field and my first Saints game, so that was fun! We posed for lots of photos, chatted with fans, and had a wonderful time.


We found a Poe and BB-8! Costumers: Todd Murray, Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, and Pari Bailey.


Costumers: Porky Shears, Kris Heding, Todd Murray, Phil Glover, and Ben Marolt.


Costumers: Coley Lind, Alex Hall, Kelly Knowles, Pari Bailey, James Douthitt, Phil Glover, Kris Heding, Nick Hickman, Amanda Fineran, Katherine Hickman, and Todd Murray.


Kylo uses the Force. Hux approves. Costumers: Kris Heding and Porky Shears.

MN Adopt – Circus of the Heart

The Minnesota Force appeared at a private charity event this afternoon called Circus of the Heart to celebrate adoption from foster care. They had a bunch of fun things for the kids to do, and it was fun to interact with them!


Costumers, from left to right: Eve Zabronsky, Kris Heding, James Douthitt, Phil Glover, Molly Fineran, Amanda Fineran, Madeline Anderson, and Jordan West.

I got to drive around Madeline’s MSE droid, which was SUPER fun! The kids loved it, and I had a blast having the droid roll around. Eventually I’ll build one of my own, but that might be a winter project.

They had a petting zoo outside, and I absolutely love farm animals so I made friends with this adorable ginger cow. BOOP.

This was also my first event with my new sideburns. They seemed to work pretty well!


Afterward, I went with Amanda (friend and fellow trooper) to her brother Ryan’s house (who runs Ryan’s Reptile Outpost) and met so many geckos and ball pythons, but also got to hold a little fox snake and pet a tegu! This ball python was such a little (okay, BIG) cuddlebug, though. It was a day of meeting a ton of animal friends, and I couldn’t be happier.

Children’s Hospital Star Studio

The Minnesota Force is part of a charity group called Costumers for a Cause. It’s a group of costumers who make appearances at charities and events. One of the charities we work with is the Children’s Hospital. The hospital has its own television station (Star Studio) that airs programming for the kids, and one of the segments is “Kids Clubhouse,” which is hosted by “The Dude.” Guests will play games and interact with the kids who call in or sit in the studio. The Minnesota Force will do a few of these appearances a year and it’s limited to four people each time, so I was really happy I was able to finally make one of the appearances on July 27, 2017. Here is the entire segment:

I uploaded a clip of one of the parts of the segment I’m in:

Star Studio "Kids Clubhouse"

Here was our little group:


Costumers, from left to right: Jeffery Knotz, Kris Heding, Anj Olson, and August O’Meara.

It was so much fun! I hope the kids who watched our segment had fun, too.

General Hux – Reusable Sideburns (Tutorial)


I’ll be taking submission photos for the 501st Legion of my General Hux costume once my commissioned costume is complete, and one of the requirements of the CRL is sideburns. Being female, I can’t quite grow my own, so I decided to make some.

I found tutorials for creating sideburns using crepe hair and spirit gum, but those could only be used once. I wanted something I could reuse in case I ever want to wear the sideburns again. This tutorial explains how to use liquid latex and crepe hair to create sideburns (or whatever sort of furry thing) you can use again and again.

This is a pretty photo-heavy tutorial, so click “Continue Reading” to view it in all its glory.

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CONvergence 2017

Are you ready for an onslaught of posts? I hope so, because it’s coming. I’m playing catch-up from my hiatus, and it’s gonna be a doozy!

CONvergence was AWESOME, as usual. I was really busy this year, and while everything I did was fun, I’m not sure I’ll pack my schedule so tightly next year.


Thursday, I dressed as General Hux. The “Generally Angry” ribbons were a huge hit, and people were very excited to tell me why Kylo Ren is a punk-ass bitch.


Coffee, blacker than Hux’s heart. (Just kidding – I drank it with cream and sugar.)

Thursday night was my first time working in the Mos Icee Cantina party room (hosted by the Minnesota Force). I was in charge of grinding up the ice for sno-cones. I donned a very cute apron, too. It was a lot of fun working in the cantina! We were really busy.


Costumers: Paul Haga and Kris Heding.

Hux is not putting up with Kylo’s crap.

Friday was the “Ladies of Star Wars” panel, which I think went pretty well. We had a full room, which was awesome!

After the panel, I changed into my Poe Dameron costume and headed to the Star Wars meetup. The photo on the left is all three Poe’s that were there (photo by Annalie Munnings Morgan), and the photo on the right was a shot of the Good Guys (photo by Pari Bailey). We had such a huge group, it was nearly impossible to get everyone in the shot.


Costumers: Bri Kerschner and Kris Heding.

My friend Bri debuted her Hera Syndulla costume! It turned out awesome!


Costumers: Kris Heding and Paul Haga.

And I had to try and take out Kylo Ren, of course. (Bless Paul’s heart – he’s always willing to take stupid photos with me.)


I found a tasty beverage in the bar over at the Sheraton.

Saturday was Rebel, Rebel Princess day, and also masquerade day! I woke up early for orientation, and then headed back a couple of hours later for pre-judging. Then it was back to the hotel room for food and a nap.

Masquerade was really fun, even though I was a nervous wreck. Everyone was so awesome and talented! I didn’t win anything, but that’s okay…I had a lot of fun and the experience was awesome. Lots of cool photos were taken of my time on stage, but the above three are my favorites. Top left was taken by Catherine of the Sea Photography, and the other two were taken by Peter Verrant.

After masquerade, it was time to meet up with friends!

Sunday I had planned on dressing up as Scarlet Witch, but I was just too tired, and we needed to get checked out of the hotel. Before I left CONvergence for the weekend, I found out that the Minnesota Force won an award for “Best Use of Theme” in the party room competition for the Mos Icee Cantina! It’s funny, because we’ve had the same “theme” for many years. Still, it’s nice to win something, right?

I had so much fun, and I can’t wait for next year.