Private Wedding


Costumers: Erich Schwab, Jordan West, Mike Giralico, Jennifer McNitt, Ben Marolt, Madeline Anderson, Aaron Weiss, Kris Heding, Porky Shears, and Shtey Short.

On September 22, we made an appearance at a wedding at the Como Zoo! It was a really fun time. We surprised the groom and most of the guests when we appeared after the first dance. As the evening went on, we definitely busted out some wicked dance moves.


Costumer: Erich Schwab.


Hard to eat cupcakes with a helmet. Costumer: Mike Giralico.



Walk to End Alzheimer’s


Costumers: Anita Larson, Ron Larson, Todd Murray, Nick Hickman, Amanda Fineran, Steve Carter, Kris Heding, Alex Hall, Katherine Hickman, Mike Giralico, Michael Tangen, and Eric Hanson. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

On September 15, we attended the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Target Field. There was a really big turnout, which was wonderful. We posed for a lot of photos and had a wonderful time!


St. Paul Saints mascot, Mudonna, came to take a photo with us! Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

Minnesota Fan Fusion 2018

August 3-5, 2018 was Minnesota Fan Fusion, a relatively new pop culture convention in the Twin Cities. The Minnesota Force and Minnesota Superheroes United had tables at the convention, so I volunteered at both over the weekend.

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CONvergence 2018

I think this may have been the most fun CONvergence I’ve attended. I was afraid it was going to be affected by all of the restrictions the DoubleTree put in place, but I had an awesome time. I’m sure it’s because of the wonderful company of friends. Anyway…recap time!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere


Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24, 2018.

I appeared at three different theaters for the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere in May, and had a wonderful time! The first was at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX on May 24th. I really, really enjoyed the movie and immediately fell in love with L3-37.


Costumers: Madeline Anderson, Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.

On the 25th, I was at the CMX Odyssey in Burnsville, and saw the movie a second time (and loved it just as much).


CMX Odyssey group! Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


The Resistance! Costumers: Nick Hickman, Kris Heding, and Amanda Fineran. Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran.


Costumers: Lindsey Rae, Kris Heding, Jordan West, Steve Fuchs, Madeline Anderson, Mackenzie Urvand, and Mike Urvand. Photo Credit: Lindsey Rae.

On the 26th, I was at the St. Michael Cinema. It’s a beautiful theater! I didn’t see the movie a third time because I was kind of exhausted from doing a bunch of troops in a row.


Just, you know, hanging out in the theater’s “cantina.” Costumers: Mackenzie Urvand, Mike Urvand, Lindsey Rae, Madeline Anderson, Kris Heding, and Steve Fuchs. Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson.