Black Widow Premiere (Lakeville)

We had another premiere event for Black Widow on July 9th, but this time we were at Emagine Theatres in Lakeville. We had a great time! The movie was great, too.

Guess who’s worthy?!

Black Widow – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Adding to my growing collection of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow costumes, I decided to put together her look from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is definitely one of my favorite costumes! I hope to get some good photos of my costume soon.

Suit: I ordered mine off of eBay, and the particular seller doesn’t seem to sell it anymore, sadly, but I know there are a lot of other vendors that make this suit. The suit ended up being a little big in areas, so I had to do quite a bit of tailoring, but I think it looks decent.

Boots: These are the same Intaglia “Brooklyn” boots that I seem to use for a bunch of my costumes. I wish these were still made so I could buy a few more pairs as backups.

Widow Bites: These are from Etsy, and are actually The Avengers-style, but they still work well for the costume.

Belt Buckle: This is from the same Etsy shop as the Widow Bites.

Belt/Holsters: This whole rig is a mix of random pieces. The main belt is a tactical belt from Amazon, and the holsters were made with 1 1/2″ black webbing, two plastic buckles from Amazon, left and right Blackhawk Sherpa holsters, and I salvaged some of the decorative bits from the belt that came with my suit and added them to the belt as well.

Glock 26 Props: I bought two Glock 26 prop guns from Matt at Act Tactical.

Gloves: These are a pair of tactical gloves from Amazon.

Wig: I bought the wig from Amazon, but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore.

Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Photo Credit: Mary Kirk.

After tackling body paint for the first time with my Twi’lek costume, Gamora didn’t seem quite as scary. This costume is incredibly fun to wear, even though it takes a very long time to get into costume.

Jacket & Black Top: These were parts from a Cosplay Sky costume.

Tank Top: I bought a white ribbed tank top from Target and sliced off the bottom hem to look like the one she wears.

Pants: They’re wet look leggings that I bought from Target, I think. They’re no longer sold.

Gauntlets: I made mine from stretch pleather fabric.

Knee “Pads”: I made them from stretch pleather fabric, lined with thin EVA foam.

Boots: These are the same ones I use for my genderbend Kylo Ren. They’re Intaglia “Brooklyn” boots, but they’re no longer made, unfortunately.

Arm Socks: I bought a pair of tights off of Amazon that apparently aren’t sold anymore and sewed them into arm socks. I painted acrylic nails with Sinful Colors nail polish in “Exotic Green” (which is supposedly screen accurate) and attached them to the fingers.

Wig: I bought this wig from Pose Wigs and styled it.

Belt: My friend Paul from PHProps made it for me.

Godslayer: I purchased a 3D printed Godslayer from Etsy and finished and painted it myself.

Body Paint: I use Silly Farm’s FAB paint in Lemon Lime.

Makeup: I can’t quite remember all that I use (it’s been a while since I last wore this costume). I use some sort of green eyeshadow for the contouring. I use NYX Cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in “Emerald City” and “White” for the face markings, Graftobian Pro Lip Color in “Green,” and M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Humid” and “Goldmine” (screen accurate).

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Bridge Battle) – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Photo Credit: Alex Hall.

One night in the middle of a Facebook Messenger chat with my friend Paul we came up with the idea of doing a photoshoot of the bridge battle scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since Natasha isn’t in her Black Widow costume for that scene, I said, “Oh, I’ll just put together her look from that scene.” Because…why not? We still haven’t had a chance to do this photoshoot (thanks, pandemic) but we will soon, hopefully!

Jacket: The jacket came from White Sheep Leather.

Jeans: These are the Torrid Luxe Skinny Jean in Black, but I don’t know if they make these anymore (which is a huge bummer, because they are SO comfortable).

Boots: I bought these boots years ago from Target, so they’re definitely not available anymore.

Tank Top: This was another Target find a few years ago. It’s just a basic black tank top.

Wig: The wig is from Amazon, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. I have seen very similar wigs on Amazon, though.

Arrow Necklace: I bought mine from Etsy.

Black Widow – Marvel Comics (1970s Comic Version)

Photo by Alex Hall.

I’ve always loved the look of classic 1970s Marvel Comics Black Widow – just that sleek bodysuit with the gold accents! So, I thought I’d put this costume together once and for all.

Bodysuit: This is actually the same type of bodysuit I used for my Catwoman costume. I modified the zipper by replacing the existing zipper with a gold/brass-toned zipper (I think it was one I salvaged from my first version of my General Hux costume, actually). For the gold ring, I bought some chunky rings off of Etsy.

Wig: This is the Hestia wig in Dark Red from Epic Cosplay Wigs.

Belt: I made it from splicing together two metal circle belts from eBay (it doesn’t look like the seller is offering them anymore, sadly) and attaching them to 1″ black webbing secured with Velcro.

Widow Bites: I made them out of foam Nerf darts, metallic gold Cricut paper, and elastic. See my tutorial here!

Boots: I’m using a different pair of boots than the ones I’m wearing in the picture above. I’m using these boots, now.

Gloves: The gloves I bought from eBay don’t appear to be available from the seller anymore, but they were Music Legs brand wet-look gloves. They’re wrist-length.

St. Patrick’s Day Reverse Parade

This year’s Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade was done reverse-style and was much more scaled down. It was also held on March 20th instead of St. Patrick’s Day proper. Costumers for a Cause sure turned out, though! I wish we had gotten a photo of everyone, but we were kind of spread out. This was my debut of my Peggy Carter Captain America, but it was so windy and I was masked up, so I didn’t bother to try and get good photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple of good shots soon.

Peggy Carter & Helmut Zemo. Together at last? (???) Photo Credit: Paige Kieffer.
Spider-Man meme time!

East Side Community Festival 2019

Costumers for a Cause to the rescue!

On September 28th, Costumers for a Cause appeared at the East Side Community Festival. A few days prior, I saw a post on a local geek Facebook group from someone who tried to hire another group of costumers to appear, and they canceled last minute. So, I got the word out to the CFAC groups and we pulled together to bring superheroes, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars characters to the event. We had a great time!