Maggie’s End-of-Chemo Birthday Party

We were contacted by a family who was throwing a birthday celebration for a little girl, Maggie, who just wrapped up chemotherapy treatment. She loves Star Wars, so her mom wanted some characters to make an appearance. The party was on July 25th, and we had a wonderful time! She was so sweet and so grateful. What a cool kiddo!


Max’s Memorial Birthday Party

Last August, we visited Max, a really cool kid who was battling a multitude of health issues. We had a wonderful time and Max and his family became part of our Star Wars family. Sadly, late last year, Max passed away. We’ve been staying in touch with his family since last August, and they asked us to be part of Max’s memorial birthday party on July 10th. It was a wonderful celebration and a lovely memorial, but it was really difficult to hold it together emotionally. While this is such a huge part of why I do what I do, it’s also the most difficult part. Last year, two of the kiddos I visited passed away, and it was just so incredibly heartbreaking.

Sirk (Original Jawa Character) – Star Wars: A New Hope

There aren’t many Star Wars costumes that can be approved in both the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion, but a Jawa is one of those costumes. It’s also just a really fun costume to make and to wear. I finished up mine in 2020, but it took months for me to finally get around to submit it for approval. It was approved in both groups in May 2021!

I largely followed the tutorials by Utinni Army on YouTube. These, along with advice from other Jawa costumers really helped me figure out what I was doing!

Robe & Hood: The base fabric is natural monk’s cloth that I bought at Joann Fabrics. I used Rit Dye in Sunshine Orange (1 bottle) and Dark Brown (2 bottles) to dye all of the fabric brown. The hood is lined with black cotton quilt fabric (I can’t remember where I bought mine, but it’s widely available). To keep the hood in a nice, round shape, I inserted coaxial cable into the hem. I drafted the pattern of the robe and hood by hand. Weathering was done with watered down acrylic paint.

Boots: I bought these boots from Amazon in “Brown.” The boots were covered in scraps of the robe fabric. I used hot glue to apply them.

Gloves: I bought these gloves from Amazon.

Bandolier: I bought this one from Etsy and weathered it with acrylic paint and sandpaper.

Mask: Following the Utinni Army tutorial videos, I constructed mine from a “Jason” mask, LED string lights, acorn capsules, acrylic paint, black speaker cloth, Velcro, and hot glue.

Underneath everything, I wear a long-sleeve black top, black leggings, and a black balaclava.

May the 4th be With You!

May the 4th be with you, everyone! Here’s a bunch of photos of all of my Star Wars costumes: canon characters, original characters, and interpretations/mash-ups (so far!).

Admiral Ackbar, Zara Fenn (Original Twi’lek Character), General Hux, and Ben Solo.
Fem!Kylo Ren, Kaiya Liin (Original Jedi Character), and Rebel, Rebel Princess (David Bowie/Princess Leia Mashup).
Roxi Sunfell (Original Zeltron Character), Admiral Pepper’s Lonely Death Star Band (The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s/Imperial Officer Mashup), Poe Dameron, and Girl Gang General Hux.
Sirk (Original Jawa Character), Unnamed Orange Twi’lek, Burlesque General Hux, Astrid Perri (Original Rebel Ground Crew Character), and Ben Swolo (Shirtless Kylo Ren).

Astrid Perri (Original Rebel Ground Crew Character) – Star Wars: A New Hope

I don’t know how it started, but a bunch of us decided to put together Rebel Ground Crew costumes because they’re probably the easiest costume in the Rebel Legion (it’s a grey jumpsuit and black boots – that’s it). We each have some sort of gimmick – funny accessories, pun-ny names, silly profile photos, etc. Mine is my teal hair and my lunchbox. I named my character Astrid Perri (“Astrid” because it’s a Scandinavian name and I’ve got a lot of Norwegian in my DNA, and “Perri” as a tribute to my great-grandfather, Louie Perry) and opted not to go with a pun-ny name. My costume was approved in the Rebel Legion! It definitely rivals my Ben Solo costume for Most Comfortable Costume.

Jumpsuit: I bought this from Anovos, but they no longer sell them.

Boots: These are X-Wing pilot boots I bought from CrowProps.

Belt: Another fine creation by my friend Paul at PHProps.

Lunchbox: I bought a vintage metal lunchbox from eBay and added a Rebel Alliance decal to the front of it.

Hydrospanner: My friend Paul 3D printed it for me, and I assembled, finished, and painted it.

Wig: This is Arda Wigs’ “Jane Classic” wig in “Teal.”

Goggles: I bought a pair of welding goggles from eBay.

Kaiya Liin (Original Jedi Character) – Star Wars

I created my original Jedi character, Kaiya Liin, a few years ago. The first costume I made was…not great. It definitely wasn’t approvable by the Rebel Legion, and it just didn’t fit me well. I’ve honed my skills since then, too. I created a new costume and it was approved in the Rebel Legion in 2020!

Tunic: I made it out of linen-look fabric from Joann’s (the color is “Honey”). I used this pattern as my base, but made modifications to it.

Under Tunic: It’s a dickey that I made out of brown crinkle cotton fabric from Joann’s, but it doesn’t look like they have that color in stock online.

Tabards & Obi: These are actually made from an old table cloth I bought at Goodwill! The patterned trim is this really awesome ribbon I picked up at SR Harris. The gold trim on the obi is metallic gold ribbon I bought somewhere years ago (it was a craft store, but that’s all I remember).

Pants: I made them from a really soft, brown knit fabric that I bought at Joann’s, but I can’t remember what particular fabric it was. I may end up using a different pair of pants going forward since these aren’t quite what I wanted, but they work.

Boots: These are brown boots I bought at Target years ago (they’re the same ones I use for my Natasha Romanoff costume from Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Belt: I bought my belt and pouches from my friend Paul at PHProps. It’s so beautiful!

Food/Energy Capsules: I bought mine from Amazon.

Wig: I bought a wig off of Amazon and styled it, but I’m not terribly happy with it so I may repurpose it for my Beverly Crusher costume. I bought a different wig for this costume, though, and might go with that going forward. I bought that one in “Reddish Brown.”

Lightsaber: Mine is from SaberForge, and I can’t remember the model. The orange day blade is also from SaberForge.