Ready for CONvergence 2018!

I am finally ready for CONvergence 2018! I spent the past few weeks making updates to a couple of my costumes and building a brand new one.


I’ll be wearing my Kylo Ren costume on Thursday from around noon-ish to maybe 5:00 or 6:00 PM, and then switch to Catwoman. I made a lot of updates to my Catwoman costume, and I think it’s much better, now. I haven’t worn this costume since 2016!


I’ll start off the day as General Hux, and then I’ll switch (very) briefly to Admiral Ackbar, and then at around 5:00 PM I’ll switch to Scarlet Witch.


On Saturday, I’ll wear Admiral Ackbar for the Star Wars Meet-Up at 1:00 PM and wear that for a little while. Then, I’ll switch to my Twi’lek for the remainder of the day.

I have some ribbons to hand out, too!


Find me as General Hux and tell me why Kylo Ren is a punk bitch and you’ll receive the “Generally Angry” ribbon (there are only a few left!) and/or give me a hug (or high-five, or whatever friendly gesture we’re both comfortable with) and you’ll receive the “General Hugs” ribbon.

I will have the “Rebellions” and “Twi’lek Sisterhood” ribbons with me as my Twi’lek, so come on up to me and ask for a ribbon, and you shall receive!

Find me as Admiral Ackbar and tell me IT’S A TRAP! to receive the “It’s a Trap!” ribbon. I will also have the “Rebellions” ribbon with me, so feel free to ask for that one.

See you all this weekend!


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