MCBA Spring ComiCon 2018

On May 19th & 20th, I attended MCBA Spring ComiCon, and it was a wonderful time, as usual! I volunteered at the Minnesota Force table on Saturday, and the 501st Legion booth on Sunday.

Awesome photos taken by Lindsey Rae! Costumers: Pari Elizabeth and Kris Heding.

More awesome photos by Lindsey Rae! Costumer: Kris Heding.


Photo Credit: Madeline Anderson. Costumers: Nick Hickman, Shtey Short, Kris Heding, Eve Zabronsky, Jordan West, Sara Rae, Madeline Anderson, Trevor Bailey, and Pari Elizabeth, with bonus Tusken Raider! (Your costume was awesome!)


The highlight was running into C-3PO at the end of the day on Sunday. We hope he’ll join the Minnesota Force and/or Rebel Legion so we can troop with him!


Make-A-Wish Sendoff Rally


Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran. Costumers: Todd Murray, Pari Elizabeth, Trevor Bailey, Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, Michael Tangen, and Eric Hanson.

On May 18th, we attended a sendoff rally for David, whose wish from Make-A-Wish was granted! He’ll be going to Jedi training at Disney World!

He had a pizza lunch with his friends, and we got to meet everyone during lunch. Then, we joined the entire school for their rally in the afternoon. It was a great time!

I hope David has a blast at Disney World!

Minnesota Orchestra Symphony Ball


Costumers: Kris Heding, Alex Hall, Paul Haga, Eve Zabronsky, and Steve Fuchs.

On May 12th, the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion were invited to the Minnesota Orchestra‘s Symphony Ball. The theme was “Sounds of the Cinema.” We lined the skyway between the Hilton and Orchestra Hall and posed for photos, and then hung around during a social hour in the lobby of Orchestra Hall.

Funniest thing was when we were standing in the skyway, a very dapper Darth Vader came and stood by us (black suit with a gold grid pattern, gold glitter bow tie, black glitter shoes, and a gold glitter Vader helmet) for close to an hour. I had no idea who it was – I just assumed it was a guest who got super dolled up for the event (and whose attire brought me great joy). Turns out it was Jeremy Messersmith.

Ashley Eckstein Book Signing


Photo Credit: heruniverse

On May 12th, we attended Ashley Eckstein‘s book signing at Barnes & Noble! I adore her, not just because she’s the voice of Ahsoka Tano, and not just because she started a clothing line for nerdy women, but because she really is a wonderfully kind and awesome woman. She spent quite a bit of time talking to all of us, and she signed our books and memorabilia and took photos with us.


Photo Credit: gogogrrrl Costumers: Amanda Fineran, Pari Elizabeth, Eve Zabronsky, Molly Fineran, Jennifer Schubert, Jennifer McNitt, Lynn Sessions, Anna Sawyer, Jordan West, Kris Heding, and Nicole Webinger.


Photo Credit: jen17662 Costumers: Alex Hall, Pari Elizabeth, Eve Zabronsky, Paul Haga, Kris Heding, James Douthitt, and Trevor Bailey.


Photo by gogogrrrl Costumer: Kris Heding

Shenanigans with Chewbacca. (Costumer: Paul Haga)


Photo Credit: bnharmar Costumers: Robert Schubert, Kris Heding, and Paul Haga.


Photo Credit: gogogrrrl Costumers: Paul Haga and Kris Heding.


Me with Ashley!

Minnesota Vixen Football Game

On May 5, we made an appearance at the Minnesota Vixen football game. Unfortunately, thunderstorms rolled in and cut our appearance short, but we had fun while we were there! (The Vixen won the game – no surprise, there!)


The First Order arrives! Photo: Madeline Anderson. Costumers: Kris Heding, Paul Haga, and Jordan West.


Photo Credit: Amanda Fineran. Costumers: Lindsey Rae, Nick Hickman, Steve Carter, Amanda Fineran, Madeline Anderson, August O’Meara, Aaron Weiss, Kris Heding, Katherine Hickman, Jordan West, James Douthitt, Phil Glover, and Paul Haga.


First Order Fabulousness. Photo: Katherine Hickman. Costumers: Paul Haga, Kris Heding, and Jordan West.


Just, you know, waiting in line for hot dogs. Photo: Madeline Anderson.

May the 4th Celebration @ Dangerous Man


Photo: Amanda Fineran

On May 4th, the Minnesota Force had a table at Dangerous Man Brewing Co.‘s “May the 4th” celebration. It was super fun – they had a special “Blue Milk” beer on tap, The Saber Legion did a few demos, there was a costume contest, and a DJ played some tunes.


Loving the Maz Kanata’s castle feel of the flags. Photo: Amanda Fineran.


Rough day in space. Photo: Amanda Fineran. Costumers: Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, James Douthitt, and Mike Giralico.


Beer makes it better! Photo: Amanda Fineran.


Photo: Amanda Fineran. Costumers: Kris Heding, Amanda Fineran, James Douthitt, and Mike Giralico.


Saber Legion demo! Photo: Amanda Fineran.


Genderbend Rey vs. Genderbend Kylo! Photo: Jonathan Penland. Costumers: Jonathan Penland and Kris Heding.

Zara Fenn (Original Twi’lek Character) – Star Wars

Zara Fenn is the result of wanting to make a Twi’lek character and wanting to make an original character that fell into the Star Wars sequel trilogy timeframe. First, Zara’s backstory:

Zara Fenn was born in 2 ABY on Ryloth. Her parents were Liana Fenn and Koro Fenn. Koro was a trader and traveled a lot, so he wasn’t around much, but he was a good father when he was home. Liana worked as an artisan, but developed a horrible illness when Zara was 15 and could no longer work. She started smuggling when she discovered certain hard-to-find (and sometimes illegal) substances alleviated Liana’s pain, and the only way to acquire these were through underground smuggling and trading. She was her mother’s primary caregiver until she passed away in 26 ABY when Zara was 24.

After her mother passed away, Zara immersed herself into smuggling full-time, picking up odd jobs here and there. She spent a lot of time at Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana, which is where she picked up most of her smuggling jobs. She befriended a lot of other smugglers, rogues, and pirates there.

In 34 ABY, Zara’s father Koro was killed on Cardota when the First Order destroyed the Hosnian system. He was only there for a short time for a trading job.

When the First Order nearly eradicated the entirety of the Resistance, the remaining members established a temporary base on Rakata Prime. They continued to send communication to other planets and systems to find allies who could potentially be recruited. As allies began to respond and agree to join the Resistance, General Organa needed to transport the new recruits to the Resistance base undetected.

A member of the Resistance traveled to Takodana to ask Maz for her recommendations for a smuggler who could safely transport recruits from their home planets to the new base on Rakata Prime. Maz recommended Zara Fenn, and Zara accepted the offer. Zara initially agreed because it was “just another job,” but after working with the Resistance for a short while, she realized she agreed with their goal to end the First Order and restore peace in the galaxy. She officially joined the Resistance, and continued to use her smuggling skills to help them rebuild and recruit.

Random Facts:

  • “Fenn” is Twi’leki for “Hardworking.”
  • Zara adopted one of the Porgs that nested on the Millennium Falcon. She named him Poy (Twi’leki for “wings”), and he accompanied her on her travels.
  • She liked knitting and embroidery, both skills she learned from her mother.
  • Zara was ambidextrous.
  • Her favorite planet to visit was Kashyyyk. She’s learned a bit of Shyriiwook, so she could communicate fairly well with Wookiees.

Now, onto the build of the costume!

Lekku: Pre-colored silicone Lekku from TwilekPam in “Endura Pink.”

Face/Body Paint: European Body Art’s Endura alcohol-based paint in Pink. (More info about the paint application process and the makeup I used can be found here).

Jacket: Black Rivet moto mock collar faux-leather jacket from Wilson’s Leather. I sewed on a Rebel Alliance patch onto the left upper arm.

Shirt: Just a plain grey scoop-neck tee from Target.

Jeans: Black skinny jeans from Torrid.

Boots: The same Teva Capistrano boots I use for my Poe Dameron costume.

Belt: I used the same belt buckle that I used for my Poe Dameron costume, but bought a black leather belt strap to use with it instead.

Goggles: I bought a pair of costume aviator goggles from Amazon.

Head Wrap: I made the head wrap using black faux leather upholstery fabric. (More information can be found here.)

Holster: I bought an amazing Poe Dameron/Resistance Pilot holster from DarmansProps.

Blaster: I repainted a Glie-44 Nerf blaster. (More information and photos can be found here.)

Pouch: I used the same leather pouch I used for my Kaiya Liin costume.

Gloves: I used the same black leather gloves I used for my General Hux and Kylo Ren costumes.

Poy: Poy the Porg is one of the Underground Toys Action Porg plushes. But don’t tell him that…he thinks he’s real.