Zara Fenn (Twi’lek) Makeup

Putting together my Zara Fenn costume was my first foray into body paint and wearing silicone noodles on top of my head. If you’re going to try something new, might as well go all out, right?

The incredibly talented TwilekPam ran a sale on her pre-colored silicone Lekku, and I jumped at the chance to buy a set (Is that the term? Set? Pair??) in my second favorite color, pink! (Favorite color is pumpkin orange, but I digress.) When they arrived, I was so smitten! Putting them on the first time was…weird. It’s a weird feeling having wobbly noodles coming off the top of your head. I scared the bajeezus out of my cats. My boyfriend said they looked like a weird sex toy. That aside, the construction was absolutely perfect, and the color was vivid and consistent.

My only concern was the fit. I have a small head (21″ circumference, if that) and the Lekku just started slipping off my head. I have very short, thin hair so there’s just nothing for the Lekku to grip onto. I put on a wig cap, and that didn’t make much of a difference. I took out some of the expanding foam, and that didn’t do the trick, either.

I made a headband out of two layers of thick muslin fabric and some elastic to give the Lekku something to grip onto (and, it also helps with sweating – gross, I know, but what do you expect when your head is encased in silicone?) as well as adding another layer under the Lekku. That helped, but not quite enough. Then, one of the other Twi’leks in the Minnesota Force suggested using Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape to help grip the Lekku. I gave it a try and it works really, really well. I just stuck a 3″ (or so) length of tape on my forehead and the Lekku gripped onto the tape. Because the tape is waterproof, it didn’t budge at all while I was wearing it for several hours. Adding the head wrap and goggles over the Lekku helped fully secure the Lekku to my head.


When I finally got the Lekku sorted out, it was time to tackle the body paint.

The best part of buying pre-colored Lekku from Pam is that she lists the exact paint she used to dye the silicone. In my case, the corresponding paint was European Body Art’s Endura alcohol-based paint in Pink. Applying it with an airbrush is best, but I don’t have an airbrush and I didn’t really want to invest in one just yet. Someone told me about the Preval Spray System, which is essentially a glass jar that you attach a spray can to, and it turns any paint into spray paint. It’s inexpensive, so I thought I could at least try it and see how it worked. The results were really, really good. I was able to apply an even coat of paint to my face, neck, and a little around my lower neck and shoulders without any major issues. The only difficult part was trying to get the paint around my eyes, certain parts of my nose, and around my mouth. I ended up ordering European Body Art’s Vibe water-based paint in Pink and I’m hoping that is a close enough match. I’m going to try using a cosmetic sponge to apply that in the hard-to-paint areas since it won’t dry as quickly as the alcohol-based paint. (Check back in a couple weeks when I give this a go and I’ll let you know how it worked.) I used NYX SFX Setting Powder to seal everything (although I probably didn’t need to).

I added some contouring by using the pinks from the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights. I used the glittery red color on my eyelids. I also used some of the shimmery white eyeshadow from the NYX Avant Pop! Eyeshadow Palette to highlight my brow bones. I used a black felt-tip eyeliner and black mascara as well.

For my lips, I used NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Stone Fox, and NYX Wicked Lippies in Cold Hearted.

For my eyebrows, I used NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Black and NYX Build ‘Em Up Brow Powder in Black.

I didn’t realize until I started putting this post together that I used so many NYX products! What can I say? They’re affordable and good quality, and most of their products come in a wide range of colors.


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