Ben Solo – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Photo Credit: Flannery Rose.

After watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I immediately wanted to make a “good boy sweater” Ben Solo costume. So, I did! And it’s one of the most comfortable costumes I have. This costume was also my very first Rebel Legion-approved costume! I was the first Ben Solo approved in our base, too.

Tunic: I used this pattern as a base and sewed the tunic from black cotton gauze fabric.

Pants: These were a pair of coated black jeans I bought from Target (they’re not sold anymore, I don’t think) that I modified to Rebel Legion standards.

Boots: These are the Kylo Ren boots from CrowProps.

Wig: I bought this wig from Amazon and did a bit of styling to it.

Lightsaber: I had friends pick up the reforged Skywalker hilt from Galaxy’s Edge when they went to visit in early 2020.

FX Makeup: Since Ben is pretty banged up in the few minutes he’s on screen, I used Mehron’s ProColoRing Bruise wheel and Kryolan’s Fresh Scratch.


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